How to make a holster for a chopped AA MiniMag (MicroMag)

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How to make a holster for a chopped AA MiniMag (MicroMag)

In making my Micro Maglites I got tired of having to order small holsters for them and of looking at the growing pile of 2*AA MiniMag holsters I was accumulating. I was able to redesign the original hoster without adding or removing any of the webbing used in their construction.  I figured I'd share with you exactly how it's done since I know others have made 1*AA Mini's like I make. Wink

You will need the following to complete the holster:

  • Original Mini Maglite holster
  • Black waxed thread (I use it in stitching my leather gun holsters and such)
  • 1.5"x.5" strip of velcro hook & loop fastener
  • Heavy sewing needle with eye large enough to accommodate the thick waxed thread.
  • Scissors/knife
  • Optional: Pipe filled with Black Cavendish tobacco, lighter, tamper, bottle of "Magic Hat" black I.P.A.

First a pic of the original holster next to a completed one.  Notice the redesign completely encases and protects the torch from falling out or scratching.

You will notice above that the overall dimensions are exactly the same.  This is because of how we restitch it back together after opening it up. The first thing I do is take a pocket knife and, by inserting the knife into the torch pocket, cut open the stitching.  After opening it up you need to do the PITA task of plucking out all the loose threads from the old stitching.

Once the holster is opened up and cleaned of loose thread bits you will sew on the velcro that will keep the new holster closed. When looking at the opened holster you will see that the original folds want to remain.  This is good as we will be using the same fold positions in our new holster with the exception of the small section at the end of the strip that was folded over at what was the opening of the old torch pocket (confused yet?).  The difference is that the part that was once the loop for your belt will now be the part that holds the torch.  The part that originally held the torch will now be the belt loop and closure flap.

Stitch the velcro strips so that the loop strip is on the outside of the shorter flap and the hook side is on the inside of the longer flap.  See the picture below.

Optional: Light your pipe and lose yourself in your creative juices.

Once the velcro is sewn on you can begin the stitching that will form the torch pocket. Simply sew down the outside both edges of the smaller folded flap.  Remember to add extra stitching at the very top of the pocket so that it does not tear or come loose in time from inserting/removing the torch.  You should end up with what you see below:

 Below is what your holster should look like prior to the next step of creating the belt loop and closure flap.

With the light in the off position, insert it fully into the pocket.  Laying the holster down flat on a table or flat surface, the fold on the long section above the torch will be the top of the belt loop. Hold this fold and mark the spot where the remaining flap reaches the top of the torch.  This will mark the line where you will stitch across the flap forming the belt loop.  The remaining length of flap will be your closure.  Pictures show better than words in this instance:

Remove your torch and sew across the flap at the point you marked where the flap meets the top of the torch:

If done correctly you can now test your newly completed micro-mag holster by inserting the torch and closing the flap over it. Your velcro should line up perfectly and fit your torch like a glove.

Optional: Finish the rest of your Magic Hat and clean out the bowl of your pipe. 

You have now created a custom holster for your Micro-Mag using the original Mini-Mag holster your torch originally came with.  Go show off your handy work to your significant other and stand proud!

~ Johnny Mac

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Nice job and good instructions with photos. Thanks JM!

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The hand sewing must have been a pain in the fingers. 

Very good job though Johnny!


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