Maxtoch SN6X-2 (also possibly known as Skyray STI - V2)

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Maxtoch SN6X-2 (also possibly known as Skyray STI - V2)

Electronic Systems Technology International (ESTI) is the chinese company which makes Maxtoch torches for search and rescue, military, SWAT, police etc. I have imported two batches of Maxtoch lights into New Zealand and they are VERY well made units - unlike many clones. Made to a high spec.

The Maxtoch SN6X-2 is the original spec model for the very popular Skyray STL-V2, Fandyfire V6?, Uniquefire V2 etc. Some of these are not to the same spec as the Maxtochs, although the dearer Skyray is close if not the same at 52,000 lux, 3 & 5 modes, soft touch mode change, memory, and high production quality.

I see people unhappy at having to settle for lesser made copies of the Maxtoch SN6X-2, and the suggestion I would make is that while Maxtoch only sell B2B and not to public, nonetheless they might do a group order if 10 or more. This is what I do for NZ hunters and we get the marvellous Maxtochs for about $46US delivered by Fedex (5-7 days).

Just a suggestion but someone in US could possibly contact Maxtoch sales (Amanda) and set up a group order - as you will love the SNs. They genuinely are great torches for the price, quite capable of picking out bunnies at 150m, larger animal bodies at 200, and the other night in pitch black conditions I could just see light touching a house at 670m.

Here's a review by old4570 of the Maxi:

and here's the Maxtoch site:

As noted earlier they do not sell direct to public but if someone put together a group buy they would possibly do it. Means you would avoid quality control issues with the cheaper clones/variants. Maxtoch SN a superb torch.

Just a thought.