Spark SK7 AAA (&CR123A version)

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Spark SK7 AAA (&CR123A version)

Looking for something else on HKEquipment, I came across this:

Thought it was a bit strange, seeing the Spark name on a $22 light, but then looked at Spark's site, and sure enough, there it was.  Not available in Europe yet (and probably not available from HKE yet either)!  Single mode, 35 lumen.

There is also a CR123A version - SK3. It's $39. Three mode, 120, 40, 8 lumen.  Both have XP-E cool white emitters.


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Spark SK3

I Love Tailstand! ;)my Mini Mod! 

Noctigon Meteor M43 

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SK3 looks nice but for the same price the Eagletac D25C has better specs (IMO). The eagletac is slightly longer at 69mm vs 61mm (but a slightly smaller diameter at 20mm vs. 21mm), but Eagletac has greater output, a lower low and a great deep carry pocket clip that can be removed for non clip lovers.

I've got the 18650 version the Eagletac mini twisty (D25LC2) and it is my favorite light.

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Olli's picture really makes it look sweet; those pictures over at HKE don't do it justice.  Like the tail stand mod too.  

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It is an old light, but I can not resist and finally get one unit from hkequipment:

Spark SK7 arrived yesterday (also arrived one Olight I3S-Cu Wink )

beam VS a well known in this forum Singfire BLF edition with nichia Led:

Of course my preferred new arrival is this Olight I3s-CU PVD gold:

…….I am really a very happy man….. Big Smile