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You guys are too funny! Who is the flashlight cop? Smile He’ll send you to flashlight court!

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3-8-13 update

I finally realized that my P1 is the perfect EDC because I don't care what happens to it and I don't have to be careful.  With that in mind, I stuffed it full of E1320's über-powerful 5-mode U2 drop-in and proceeded to drop/bang it into engine bays to my heart's content.  I must say, my respect (however grudgingly) has grown.  It's been a pretty good flashlight.

I still think it's boring and ugly but, it is a good torch.



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Thanks for coming with updates like that. Always interesting to read updates that goes far beyond first impressions. Smile

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Foy wrote:

3-8-13 update

I finally realized that my P1 is the perfect EDC because I don’t care what happens to it and I don’t have to be careful. keepingitrealFoy

Many of my lights get a lot of shelf time due to that fickle tendency, henceforth referred to as Foy’s Principle. They’re shelf kings. The ones I use some of the time around the house—they’re the shelf queens.

Lights that actually get carried, dropped or occasionally suffer a “kick-save” attempt—you know, when you try to break an object’s fall with your foot, only to send it careening across the room—I don’t care much about preserving their finish, which really shows on some of my lights.

The uglier it gets, the more I tend to carry it—Foy’s Principle at work, ladies and gents. They’re the storied survivors. Unless they don’t.

That said, I might need to get a green P1.

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It's interesting how some lights in a medium-to-large collection end up being used.  I used to dedicate one or two for EDC, thereby preserving the rest for my "hobby."  With several exceptions, I don't do that as much any more.  Especially with my P60s, I just grab the nearest one and go.

Since doing it that way, I have become more enamored with certain lights/drop-ins and less impressed with others after using them as, heaven forbid, a flashlight.  Some lights are simply better suited for standing tall and pretty on a shelf.



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I’m getting a few of these as gifts, I just can’t decide on wether or not I want one. I’ll probably get the p1d for myself. The colors and durability of these will satisfy my nephews and older brother though. (just a redirect for now)

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I too have lights that I really like how they look and am a bit afraid to use so as to protect that look. But only 1 or 2 of those. Most of my others are all different enough that they each serve a purpose.

I’d gotten a L2P as a partial light, tube/head, as I wanted a ss crowned tail for another one I have with M3 head. So I ended up with a complete L2P with zero markings on it. Stuffed the EDC+ Triple Nichia 219 in that one and probably use it more than any of em. I like to take macro’s and it’s a great light to use for lighting them. That L2P/M3 combo is one of my best throwers (and a prefered light), alongside my new HD2010 which I hope to be modding soon for Top Thrower Designation.

I have a chopped 1D Mag with XM-LT6 that JayRob built, my first expensive mod. Also dropped in a DE SSCP7 in another 2D Mag that I put a voltage monitor in, like that one as it’s bright and you know immediately if the cells are ready for the job at hand. Yet another 2D Mag has a 5 XP-E drop-in that ties in the thrower dept, can’t believe it was so cheap to do and holds it own against anything else I have, while making the most light.

Keychain MBI HF’s in Ti and Cu give me up to 600 lumens in a 2” package on demand anywhere I go, with useable 40 lumen lo modes for extended use. Can’t use Hi for long due to excessive heat but wow while it’s there!

And the P1D I got for my wife after reading this thread. I like it. She loves it, won’t let me touch it. And this after she accidentally allowed it to be in a position in her purse that it was on for about an hour, in a locker at the hospital!!! When she went for snack and found it, almost accidentally, it was almost too hot to touch, at the bottom of her purse. She did take it out and stand it on the metal locker aside from everything else so it could cool. Whew! Looked like it ran long enough to take an AW2600 from 4.1 to 3.75, at least I had a protected cell in it that might have saved big trouble had she not gone back and found it. Seemed to make a bigger difference to her when I finally convinced her she could have lost her entire PURSE! Gasp! lol (not to mention possibly burning up the Hospital) The XM-L T6 is now a lil greener (I’ve found they don’t like to be run hot) I had shown her how to corner carry tail up to keep the light in position for a quick grab, but apparently that didn’t stick. (She works nights) That exposed stand-out tail switch is potentially dangerous in a purse/bag carry! That was with a cheap Hi/Lo/Strobe XM-L T6 in it, I’m waiting for an EDC+ Triple XP-G for it….should be here in the next week or so. I like it’s rugged modern looking build, it just doesn’t look like other lights! She now carries it in a heavy plastic drill bit case, for safety.

With other lights having different emitters and tints, there’s one for almost every purpose. And one custom made light machined but awaiting some parts. My flashaholic piece-de-resistance!! Created from a single bar of Surgical Grade Titanium that I’ve had for well over a decade and a nice chunk of copper, this one will hang around my neck with either an XP-G S2 or Nichia219…either at 5000K being driven at 1.2A by a custom driver….the holdup.

So yeah, the Foy Principal is hard at work in my house too….Dang you Foy!

SoNowWhatAmIGonnaDoWithTheNextLightThatGrabsMyFancy, Dale Silly

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The Foy Principal at work with one on my P1s.

Photo not taken today, obviously.

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I have this light and it’s my favorite hand carry light for everything. It’s very durable, light and not freezing to your hands in the winter. Currently it’s running a Solarforce l2-xml2 1 mode with a cheap ultrafire rechargeable 18650 3000ma battery.