Sunwayman V11R Giveaway... but wait, there's more!

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Sunwayman V11R Giveaway... but wait, there's more!


Yep, giving away a brand spanking new Sunwayman V11R. That would be great by itself, wouldn't it?

What if I told you it's a LIMITED EDITION warm XM-L T4 7B (CRI >80) version? It's not so warm as to be orange (T3) but a few shades past neutral in that direction.

More details on the light? Here:


With that boring stuff, let's get to the giveaway! It's quite simple, really. This giveaway is EXCLUSIVE to BLF. This light is not being given away ANYWHERE else.

The criteria are as follows:

1. Be a registered member of BLF in good standing, registered on or prior to APRIL 1, 2012
2. Reply to this thread with 2 or more sentences on why you would like this warm version of the V11R

It's all in good fun so be as creative as you like, but the winner will be chosen randomly so your wittiness does not have any bearing on the outcome Smile

Context closes APRIL 30, 2012 (expected ship out date).

Open to entrants WORLDWIDE. The shipping is on us, and you can pickup any of the accessories or add-ons at the discounted bundle price.

So what are you waiting for? Get cracking!


Oh, for those of you that can't wait or want to reserve your light, you can place your pre-order but if you are the winner, we'll simply refund your money AND CHOOSE ANOTHER BLF WINNER as well! Think about that for a moment.

Enjoy! for Fenix / Sunwayman / XTAR / XENO

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Wow. A great gieweaway.


At this moment, I haven´t any 16340 format flaslight, so if I win it will be a good adittion to my others flaslights. Also I usually chose CW lights, so in this case the warm version will be a nice change.

Why a would like to win this like?? You only have a look to he pictures.... Smile

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That's a very attractive flashlight.

I want one because I don't have any 16340 torches, and I've always wanted an extra-short lightweight pocket rocket.  I also like the fact that this is a higher-budget infinitely-variable flashlight.  (Looks like I'm lucky #2.)

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Id like to be considered as this would be my first SMW and variable control ring and CR123 torch! Thanks!

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Wow sweet light and nice move!

I really like to have this light! I do not own a magnetic controlled light, but in my job it would be very usefull.

So if you pick me as the winner you would make me as happy as a child getting its favourite toy on christmas! =)




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Wow, this is incredible!

I was currently reading up on these new lights with magnetic control ring. I narrowed it down to two possible candidates, the Jetbeam RRT01 and the Sunwayman V11R. What I didn't like in the Jetbeam (apart from the huge pricetag) was the hybrid reflector which produces an ugly ring in the beam and the rather cool tint of the LED. So, getting this neutral/warm V11R would be double-awesome!

Thanks for doing this!

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Oh My God!

That light looks pretty nice.

I dont have any light with that kind of battery nor that kind of warm led. Even I dont have any light with variable brightness asjustment. Also I dont own any light expensive as that...

I really appreciate this. Yeah! Great!


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Well I'm different ,I only pocket this size ,I would love to try a sun way man light , never had a magnet control . I would love to compare this light to my fav so far olight:)
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AN excellent offer, from a new seller - congrats on the offer

An FULLY variable flashlight, with a warm tint seems an excellent idea!!

This, together with the 123/AA format (optional extender) gives the flashlight exceptional flexibility!

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I am too undeserving to win a light like this but in my defence I am too poor to buy a light like this! If you included me in the draw and I won I would be sooooo happy that I might convince the wife that we need to give away (sell) one of the kids to pay for the new rechargeable battery set on your site.


Awesome giveaway and good luck with your website, it just needs more flashlights Foot in Mouth

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I would like to win this because I would never be able to spend that much on a flashlight without getting kicked out of the bedroom for some months. 

And if I did win I would set it to tail stand and light up my bedroom for with a beautiful warm light for sexy time, because candles are for girls.

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I'd like this light because it looks like it has better grip than the V10R due to its knurling.  I also enjoy infinitely variable lights.

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Too good to be true?  They say if it's too good to be true, it's probably not true.

This time, this is too bad not to be true!

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I would like to win because this is a unique light to have and with a high CRI emitter this should be a really helper for someone like me. The high CRI gives better colors and better 3D depth in my perception. Also, having variable output on an EDC is very good for long runtime - instant boost mode changes. 

Thanks for this generous offer. 

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I would like to win this light because I don't have any fully variable 16340 lights (yet!). It would also be a good addition to my growing collection of these great Sunwayman lights!

Thanks for arranging this giveaway! Especially the little twist of pre-order sounds really interesting. What if the other winner has also pre-ordered this light? Hmm.. What if everyone participating this giveaway would pre-order.. Wink



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 Love the UI, too much tap to change/sequential mode stuff out there.

 High CRI is also important to me for more accurate color rendition. 

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Wow! Count me in!

I would like to win this as this will be my first Sunwayman and a warm tint too! Both thumbs up!

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Reasons? Do I need a reason?

I want it!

I want it!

Its a Sunwayman and it's a LIMITED EDITION warm XM-L T4 7B (CRI >80) version.

I love the variable control and I have a lonely 16340 with no host. If I win I will EDC it- you know I will!

thanks Ualnosaj

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I've been eyeing the sunwayman range for a while... the v11r in it's small compact form seems like a real winner.  Would really love it an a warm tint.

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Put me in for this one. I have resisted buying a Sunwayman because the name just kills me a little bit. Maybe this will help me get over that.

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I'd like it because I'm finding I like neutral tints.  Also been looking at Sunwayman, but don't have one, and really like the idea of variable control (which I don't have either). And it's a special editionSmile

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I turn around for just a few hours, and there's another giveaway?!

What kind of a place is this?? Laughing


Reason for wanting it?

Because I'm dobermann100 and i'm a flashaholic...

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Freaking awesome mate!! IF I do win that would be my FIRST EVER high-cri light and I would at last know what the fuss about high-cri is all about. It would also be my FIRST cr123 light!!


Hope I win it Smile I can only dream!

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Welcome Ualnosaj

Sunwayman , Limited Edition WW - any more reasons?

Thanks for running this.

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this is a  very nice promo. thank u for that. i want this lite because i have nothing in this format and nothing

in this price range.  the mag control is something i've wanted to try, but it only available on more expensive

iites. this would be a great addition to my meagre collection.

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Ualnosaj wrote:
1. Be a registered member of BLF in good standing



thanks anyway for the fun event Wink

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Thanks for the contest. I have the V10A with a XP-G, so this light would be different since it is a little smaller and has an XM-L. Also I'd like to try a high CRI light. In fact, one of the only things I don't like about the V10A is the cool white tint of the beam.

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I would like to win this light to stop me walking in dog poo. I would hope that the high CRI emitter will give better colour perception helping me avoid the dog mess.

My current EDC uses a bright white LED, you just don't see the ground of the footpath very clearly. Twice last week on the way to the gym I stepped into dog poo. I tell you, you don't win any friends at the gym arriving with that on the sole of you trainners.


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Beyond that , I don't own any control ring lights . Yet .

What I do


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I am a big fan of high CRI lights, as color rendition is even more important than beam color imho. The magnetic control ring is the perfect UI for high power lights. I don't especially like the 123/16340 battery format, but the first mentioned aspects trumps the used battery. So count me in please and thanks for your generous offer.

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I would love to win this light because of the warm tint.  Also, you gotta love the magnetic control!" title="view quote" style="border: 0px;