XP-E R4 ( XP-D HEW?)

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XP-E R4 ( XP-D HEW?)

Just found this datasheet over at Cree. Looks like Cree is coming out with some high efficacy XP-E LED's, it looks kind of funny like the phosphor is on the dome or something. It is specced up to R4 in the datasheet, meaning that R5 will probably be available is small quantities soon.

Wonder if it will be any good for flashlights?

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I'd guess that they've just used a picture of a lit LED rather than an unlit one. It does look odd though. It ought to work well in flashlights as XP-E's generally do and they've not increased the die size.


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The datasheet specifically mentions applications for diffuse lighting, so something's going on. It doesn't make it sound like these will be good for throw. I do seem to remember that they announced that there would be an xp-e R3 bin available at some stage, though I've never seen it anywhere. I wonder if they can apply this technology to the xp-g and give us S3 or so bins for diffuse lighting...