-[FOUND]- WTB: quark 123^2 body (used is fine), flat tactical tailcap

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-[FOUND]- WTB: quark 123^2 body (used is fine), flat tactical tailcap

I'm looking for a quark 123^2 body, cosmetic condition is unimportant, it's going in my pocket next to a knife and a pen. Bonus points if you've got the storage end caps for the body (not required, but would sure be nice)

Extra bonus points if you've also got a turbo "flat" tailcap in the lego drawer that you're happy to part with. (looks like a regular flat, but has the forward clicky of the tactical/turbo series)

I can always order the 123^2 body new later this week, but I figured someone here might have one they wanted to get rid of, and I don't need it to be new. Send me a PM and let me know what you've got and the price shipped to Ohio.

This WTB is posted at that other place as well...

EDIT: looks like I found the body, wouldn't mind finding the flat turbo cap sometime... but this one is more or less done Smile

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