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Question: Is a zoomable worth getting?

Looking at Keygos M-12 and M-10 prices are $25.45 and $22.99, they are powered by 1 x 26650 and 1 x 18650. Are these as good as the Shadow JM-07 Pro?



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I'm not a fan of zoom lens designs... at least not the small diameter ones, which they all seem to be.  If they made one with a larger lens that would be interesting.  I'm not familiar with the keygos M12.  I like the M10 and almost ordered one but the retailer ran out of inventory.

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I have both M10 and M12, and they are both great.

Any zoomable XM-L isn't optimal. On full throw it is wasting about 50% (or more) of the light leaving the emitter. On flood it is really good.

I don't have JM07 Pro, so I can't compare with that.

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