AA or 14500-- Clip or no Clip

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AA or 14500-- Clip or no Clip

Seems to me there is no perfect single AA light out there. Few budget priced lights are set up to use both batteries. There are some. Some come with a clip some do not.


What is your preference when it comes to single AA lights?

Would also like a list of lights that accept both batteries, and have a clip. and that are reasonably high quality.

Lots of lights and stuff


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I just received a Xeno e03. Great light if you like floody flashlight. Maybe not really cheap but it has great build quality.

You can also use fenix clip with this Xeno.

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I dont care at all about 14500.  The JetBeam PA10 can take both though AA and 14500, and it has a nice clip.  Im thinking of buying it because one mode is always high, then twist for memory.

LD10 has a nice clip too.

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Uniquefire AA S-1 , meh

Balder SE-1

The Balder is better all the way around .

Unclipped : I have a Tank007 E07 AA/14500 , meh

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