Review: POPPAS W-878 Flood-To-Throw From Manafont

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Largely based on my experience with SS-5039s, I think there will be only small loss in efficiency. At that current, the forward voltage is still small and a significant part of the power is going out as light. A thicker plug with an interference fit to the pill would have almost compensated for the hollow pill, but that is all the power I want from this light. Hollow pill lights mostly work fairly well at the powers they are sold at, we only need to increase cooling as much as we increase power. Of course cooler is always better, but one only has so many 1962 dimes and hours to file them to fit.
I used it, mostly on middle mode, hanging from a nail, while I barbequed a top round, with the bezel ring and lens replaced by a rubbery diffuser from Fasttech. Early spring weather.

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