Edi-T lights @DX: 100% price increase

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Edi-T lights @DX: 100% price increase

Whoa, what's going on there. Now I regret not having ordered a single one of them (stupid psychology lol)...




sku.44575 is the only one atm still having the old price.

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Just glad that none of them appealed to me.


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They nearly all AAA or Flood to zoom. They were not that good at the original Price.

Did not buy any then nor will I buy any now.

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Probably DX is about to do a 50% off sale...  Cash

Seriously, what are they up to? I contacted an EDI-T distributor once to see if they would be interested in doing a custom light. They just tried to get me to join their marketing chain, very pushy and complicated.

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50% off sale?  I'm ready for something new. Money mouth

Don wrote:

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Don wrote:

Just glad that none of them appealed to me.

+1... even at half the old price.

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I was about to order one or two a few days ago.... wondering if i should have done that...

This one was a long time on my watch list:


If it was Q5 or better i would have bought a few already.

How come there are no R5 zoomies around?

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They're gonna send you a green redcat with a black LED.

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I got this EDI-T P4 when it was $14.02 and am quite happy with it. It has a fine build quality. Solid tube with smooth, lubed thread. Long run-time with 18650 (uses 1.1 A). Fits well in the hand. Fairly bright (double the light of Romisen RC C6), only one, weak ring around the uniform flood-spot in wide. It tailstands barely. There is a small hole for a lanyard.

Minor drawbacks are the high color temperature of 8000K but almost neutral (near the black body curve) and the tendency to roll. Others complaint about the pill being glued in.

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The reason:

EDITECH Thursday, December 16, 2010 5:57 PM Reply
Firstly, these EDI-T lights where been dumped by an unauthorized seller outside the terms of the EDI-T manufacturer and patent holder, so they took action against DX and forced them to increase the prices.

Secondly, the range of EDI-T lights on DX are all outdated older 3W models (pre-2009) that are been cleared by this seller, at below cost, to get rid of them.

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I bet if you contact DX for a pair they will happily discount them again if they can be arsed to do it. If half a year the asking price was okay can't see why it wouldn't be now. EDI-T by whatever influence he got is just trying to make sure the lights doesen't go around much if at all, to not put EDI-T in a undeserved recognition spot. Basicly they don't want to be known as overpriced junk and at the same time asking 5x the DX price for a same thing with a better emitter.
After reading this again i can't arse myself enough to rewrite it properly but im gonna get me some coffee. It should be understandable anyway.
kragmutt wrote:

They're gonna send you a green redcat with a black LED.

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I was geting  peeved at DX for taking so long to send my trash anyway .I've been an edit fan-boy for a long time up until this very moment ..Nice but not that nice .. double your price and watch my intrest shift like the wind ..See-ya edit just got edited .I wanted that p4 zoomer but at 24 bucks my interest in straight tubes has shifted back to the pole in dons backyard ...damn...

their high  dollar lights were like 60$ on lots of sites anyway  and yer right the emitters were q3's at best .

prices doubling .. sure why not


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