Sinclair EON Extreme (more info?)

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Sinclair EON Extreme (more info?)

I found this flashlight in Gizmodo.. It will be available from the next year at 50 pounds, but you can reserve it now for 25 (38usd?)


It doesn't seem to have modes, and there is no info about the LED, what do you think about it?



Eon Extreme is the size of a credit card and has the highest power to weight ratio of any flashlight/torch in the world.

230 lumens of pocket flood light from only 43 grams.

Built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer power source requires no battery cells to buy or change.

In the words of the Gadget Show TV series researcher: 'this product makes all other torches (flashlights) obsolete'.

Eon Extreme samples are now shipping for media and press. Estimated shipping date for public: Q1 2011.



85.6 x 54 x 3.4 mm (size of credit card)
Product weight
120 x 120 x 10mm
Pack size
73 grams (including flashlight)
Pack Weight
73 grams (including flashlight)
Twin custom power chip LEDs with micro wide angle flood lens x 2 (230 Lumen total light output)
8-bit micro controller (smallest complete PC on a chip solution available)
Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion (3.7v, 800mAh at 1.2A, 2.1 Whr)
Connector ports
Micro USB2 (for recharging from PC or other micro USB accessory such as supplied lanyard, cigarette lighter adapter, Blackberry® charger etc)
External controls
Single rubber push button including snap dome switch for power on plus smart mode selection (active circuitry includes 'hands free' and auto shutoff - cannot be left on accidentally).
Machined aluminum chassis with non-scratch black anodizing. Black coated stainless steel panels (front and back) with photo etched pin spots to aid grip
Accessories (supplied)
Lanyard also doubles as micro USB2 charging cable
Country of Manufacture
UK and China


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From the video, it seems it's bigger than a Credit Card. Also from the video, I can't see lots of difference from my(not mine.. lol, gave one to every girl in my house, and still have a couple left. lol) piggy light. It is brighter, but not 76$ brighter. Also my nokia phone has two generic led that put more light than this. 230 Lumen, my #$$"!

About the design, I dig it.

Lumens to wheight ratio.... I think the ITP EOS AAA with a 10440 could be a contender. If someone has one, and a digital scale, could measure and find if it's true. And that's 200+ Lumen, for sure!

I thought before reading the post that this was another flashlight with mp4, memory card, radio, tv, screwdriver, tyre lever... Laughing

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i was thinking the same thing. it looks okay, but as of now i would stick with an itp a3 on 10440's.