[02-JUL-2013] Long downtime due to stringent anti-spam regulations

Hi guys,

Well, it’s not my fault this time. Thanks to our friends, the spammers, all webhosts are forced to be ridiculously cautious about all customers who send emails from their servers. Since BLF sends a LOT of notification emails, they asked me to verify some personal information just to make sure everything is legit. Meanwhile, they took us offline. :expressionless:

Although the laws about spam are very strict, I will not defend the host’s terrible handling of this issue. They completely bungled the whole deal. First of all, we’re not sending spam and we never have. Instead of disabling the entire site without prior warning, they could have simply asked me for my information without shutting the site down. Or at worst, they could have simply blocked all outgoing mail from the server until they get the necessary compliance information.

What a nightmare. Sorry for the downtime, and thanks for sticking around!

Woot, back up! :slight_smile:
Thanks for your hard work SB!

It’s no problem at all, it gave me time to go out and play with my lights.
You’re doing a great job sb!

Thanks SB! Glad to see it's resolved!


welll... i think i will now make a second cup of coffee, and browse blf. thanks sb for getting it taken care of!

take 2

Entire “[30-JUN-2013] Duplicate posts bug, please post here to help” is deleted!
Why bother to respond at all :expressionless:

Yep, I took that thread offline for the moment because I don’t want it to be used for comments regarding this most recent downtime, which is completely unrelated to the server configuration.

I’m glad the site is back up!

Think of how many emails it was sending before the wonderful change that you made to the notification system a while back…

double posting continues…

Yes, but even those weren’t legitimate spam because the user could still opt out. We’re currently not listed on any spam blacklists. This is apparently just an overreaction by some overworked admin at our webhost.

Yes, now that we’re back online I’m now looking into the issue again. Thanks!

Are you gonna keep that webhost? Thats not really a nice behaviour towards a paying customer..

Frankly after so much time and effort invested in this configuration, I don’t really feel like switching at the moment. I’ll see how apologetic and rational their explanation is of this debacle. If it was the mistake of one tired technician, I’ll let it slide this time. But they’re definitely on trial, and if some other serious mistake on their part comes up in the future I’ll probably switch.

Funny enough, I did exactly the same!!
And really happy to see the forum again :wink:

Well, turns out the co-founder of the company offered me an apology and gave me a very generous service credit without me asking for it. So, I’ll let this issue go to rest. However, I do require the host to be reliable and honest, so we’ll just have to see how they do in the future.

Well thats really silly of you, isnt it???! Why even keep your members informed at all? Over at my site (which is far better than any other on the entire internet), I just tell em all to stop their darn crying! I’ll get around to kick-starting my stupid $10 garage-sale server whenever the hell I feel like it. If they dont like it, I’ll ban them all so fast it’ll make their heads spin! Then they all come whining back to me with large plates of hamburgers to lift their bans. So pathetic of them all, but I just love the free greasy food!


Edit: I will also except large quantities of Gas-X in exchange for ban revocations. I need the exta-strength bottles please! :bigsmile:

But seriously, FlashPilot, consider yourself banned.

As expected! :bigsmile:

Hmm, looks like a good candidate to be a moderator here!