[03-JUL-2013] Another outage caused by a mistake at the host

Hi everyone,

You’re probably tired of apologies by now, but at any rate this is to let you know that there was some sort of an automated glitch at the host related to the mistaken suspension of my account yesterday. I sincerely hope this will be the last time, as they assured me that the suspension glitch is now “cleared” out of the automated system.

Glad to you have you all back online.

No problem Mr. Admin. Glad to have you and BLF back!

Thanks for getting it all back up again. Do you still have a life apart from BLF lately ? :worried:

to allow claims for LDs? eg. 100 bucks per day of downtime. :money_mouth_face:

Actually they already gave me that yesterday without me asking. But I already told them that I’m not looking for a handout, I just want reliable service. I’m still waiting on a full explanation from the host, which I will post here when I receive it.

I'm sorry to report a new problem as of today, whenever I hit the home-button at the bottom of the page I get to the page but I am also logged out, if I go there by hitting the recent posts-button, I stay logged in. This is new for me.

Hmmm, life has definitely taken a back seat. At least my normal morning routine has been altered to:

  1. Wake up the laptop
  2. Check BLF
  3. Check the status blog too see at what time it went offline
  4. File a support ticket
  5. Wait impatiently for a response
  6. Tweak settings since the users are already offline
  7. Reboot the server
  8. Post an apology
  9. Look out the window to see if the sun came up today.


Same for me here... Clicking the banner at the top logs me out but clicking "Recent Posts" keeps me signed in.

Hmmm, strange. Please do the following:

  1. Log out: http://budgetlightforum.com/logout
  2. Clear all cookies for BLF from your browser
  3. Log in again

Please let me know if this works. Thanks! Sorry for the hassle.

I found just now that you are not really logged out after hitting the home-button, because if you subsequently hit recent posts again you are logged in again.

Hmm, did you follow those three steps I mentioned above? Thanks.

It helped, it shows normal logged in status now when hitting the home button. Thanks a lot. (I like technology but what's going on with computers is too alien for me )

No problem, my goal is for this site to work transparently so people can focus on their flashlight hobby and not be diddling around with debugging site problems. Thanks for confirming.

Since I’m here there is multiple problems everyday so I don’t see why it could all have been fixed by magic since now ? (not mentioning not working polls and slowdowns)
Maybe by changing host or learning how to properly run a website ?
See you on the next outage and good luck ! :bigsmile:

Well, frankly, the fixes have been anything but magic. After every single outage caused by my mistakes, changes were made to the configuration to make it more robust. In reality, I have now discovered that the vast majority of the outages were caused by an industry standard caching mechanism that I was using. It is recommended and used in production by the vast majority of systems experts. However, it has become rather antiquated and ended up introducing a very insidious bug that caused the server to stop responding. I finally identified it as the fail point by process of elimination, but unfortunately it was the last thing I thought about eliminating because it is so universally recommended. In this most recent case, the problem was caused by 1 finite human error at the web host followed up by 1 resulting systems error at the host, which they now claim to have “cleared” from the system.

As for the polls, could you please provide some details about what doesn’t work?

Good work Mr Admin, we all appreciate the hard work you put into this forum.

I did NOT follow the steps and it's working properly for me now as well... :~ :party:

That’s better than the other alternative of FOLLOWING the steps and it NOT working. :slight_smile:

I felt this needed another quote.

Heehee, I love this site SO much…it’s just a roll of the dice every morning to see if I get to spend time here or not. :party: Thank you for all your hard work, Mr. Administrator!