1,000 posts

Lame thread/no meaning/pointless, alert.

1,000 posts coming up tonight. (probably)

Never did that before.


I'm catching up to you.

But Don is far ahead of us.

He's closing in on 5,000, isn't he?


Oooooh nice...one thousand. Got me some ways to go...

Well I'm glad I found 1 of them post inparticular. LOL! I think you know which one I am talking about.

I just noticed you hit 1000 than looked at mine.

Yeah . . . and you started after me, too.

Not a huge deal I guess - joined lots of boards over the years, never had even a 100 posts on any of them. Seems like they always go off in a direction I don't like/bore me or a bunch of douche-bags show up and/or everybody starts arguing about something stupid. Amazes me that people from all over the world come here and, for the most part, not only get along but interact on a personal level.

Quite a unique forum, to be sure.


Yes, it's great.

No dramas - just the way I like it.

I work with a lot of people who appear to want to live in a soap opera - and that's just the staff!

Far too much drama for my taste.

Much more fun here.

Yay! 1000! Grats!

5k coming up for you here real soon.

How's the band?


Welcome to the thousand club. I hit 1000 posts myself recently

I remember when you first came here, edc. It was about the same time as me and two months later Manafont had a group buy but it was for members with three months or more and I missed out. I realized my math mistake after I placed my order. Jim then later credited me the difference anyway . . . which was kinda cool.


I almost did the same thing. I swear I was a member for 3 months then but wasn't. I must have lurked for a while.

A bit quiet just now - they all have other jobs. From L-R in the video, teacher (reform school), doctor (academic neurology), teacher, and I can't remember what Floss does for a living.

Think I put up a link to their performance at Meldrum Town Hall a couple of weeks ago.

In case I didn't, here are 2/3 of them enjoying themselves - phone video so not very good.

The New Assistant and I will be extras in their next video due to be shot this month.

Congratulation Foy! It's time for a big partyFoy! I'll take the strobe light!


Did you really sign -up and not post for 2 months???


Well if you hadn't taken a two month sabbatical, you would probably be closing in on 1500 posts...

Congrats, Foy! I'm only 6 posts away from it myself after this one. :)


Way to go!


Congrats to Johnnymac the newest member to the 1g post club