$1.85 Cheapy AA flashlight at eBay...

So I just ran across this today. What a cheap 'lil bugger. There's no way that it can be very good... no way possible. However, they've sold over 20k of 'em.

I figured I'd save my money buy not even bothering with one. Anyone around here have one of them to let us know just how "bad" they really are???

I have one and i don't like it at all. JUNK !

I have a few, but do not use them... junk...

it was a lot of discussion about that 1$ ebay light here...


Another sample.

This is not the original "1$" eBay light, but closer. The original one had much slimmer appearance and different lanyard with big ring and quick detach lock. (just like in link GETEMER posted)

I bet these are much the same by hardware. They don´t posses very much talking about lumens but they indeed posses powers, which could get ANY cpf thread locked in seconds.

The original "1$" light was 0,99$ or some 0,7€.

The first batches were better than the latest I got. I ordered maybe some 20-40pcs for giveaways. 1 was DOA.

They commonly had spottish throwish beam pattern, probably some 15-20 lumens yet quite long runtime.

Clickies were a bit iffy. I modded one body to host a Q3 with 1A driver & 14500. Was REALLY small and light. I can´t remember who made the manual to do it, but you needed nickels as heatsink.

Throw me a PM if you want to test one, I´ll send it to you.


for final thing to say: these (or stuff similar in plastic wrap) sell at 6-8€ (8-10,7$) in here locally at markets...

PM'd you CheapThrills.

Yeah, I was going to say — I think my local hardware store has some of these sitting on the counter that have a $6.99 price tag on them. What a markup!

Nice of you to offer to send him one . But you can't send one for less than 1.85 ...

It would be easier to just buy him one ....and let china send it .

Had 2 of them.. both ran about 9hours on an AA battery.

beam was pretty blue


MXDL and more bling?

I saw this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3W-Police-LED-Flashlight-Light-Lamp-Torch-W-Clip-Clamp-/110613286436?pt=UK_SportsLeisure_Camping_LightsLanternsTorches&hash=item19c110ce24 a few weeks ago. Was tempted by the price but knew I'd hate myself in the morning.

I bought one for my son, it's pretty poor but he likes his 'EDC'

It's really blue and it lights up a bubble bath great (despite letting in water before I fitted new o rings)

See pic no.:3, probably made in USA

My Maglite says; "patented in USA",this is only "Waterproof (in?) USA"


I would take waterproof as seriously, as USA :bigsmile:

In answer to the OP's question - you get what you pay for with this.Wink

Can anyone please tell me if I can use a 3.6v lithium 14500 battery instead of a 1.5v AA, to improve brightness, or will it just fry the LED?

I would sure think it would... But of course you never know until you try... :P

I have a couple of those they are an ok keychain light / or a move around inside the house light without waking up your spouse light. No way are they a 3 watt light. That said they are better than a solataire maglite IMO they are also ok for cable hunting behind audio equipment etc. The machining fit and finish are really not bad. I would buy it just to play with or throw in a toolbox. Just keep your expectations in line with the price paid. They are the "police" brand with the hexagonal body 1AA

Tractor Supply has a pretty good 9led light for $2 batteries included. They are 3x AAA forward tail clicky and tail stand very well would be good for a power outage LED candle. Or a cheap glove box backup light

i actually like the looks of that one, but i bet its a polished turd just like those riced out hondas with 18s and a wing off a fighter jet straped to the back

It'll fry the LED. It might be quite bright for about half a second though. Mine started out a dim blue and smelled awful - whatever these LEDs are made from smells utterly horrible when it burns.