1 cell 18650 thrower?

Ready for my Sept flasklight budget(I count the time I will receive). Which 1 cell 18650 thrower should I buy? KD c8, Luma power MRV, skyray 1jc8, Trustfire x8, or any other suggestion? Thank for helping me spent my money!

How about those:







You will need a recoil? or those will be enough?

Describe in a little more detail what you are looking for in a "thrower". Ultimate throw, something that is a good general purpose flashlight but that also has decent throw, price and size considerations?

If you really want a thrower i can personally recommend the X8 which can be used with 1 or 2 18650s and the skyray STL V2 which is 2x18650s or 3 16340s.

the STL V2 has a much brighter and larger hotspot due to the big 60mm reflector.

review and comparison here good luck!

More than likely the Uniquefire HS-802 at DX (or elsewhere) will throw further than those mentioned here and for less than $30. There are others that will have a larger hotspot and you may (or may not) find that more useful but it's hard to out throw the HS-802 at a reasonable cost and size.

Thanks for all the suggestions. This light is to show my friends who have the non-budget lights(surefire) that you do not need a lot $ to get a lot of lumens. And try to turn the non-flasholic into one of us. Hehe. Compare to kd c8(a lot of good recommandation), how are your choice compare. I am thinking of sticking with 1 cell & 1 emitter right now since I want to go slow and enjoy my journey to my ultimus light.

For lumens go for one of the XM-L lights. For throw go for the Uniquefire HS-802 that I mentioned earlier.

+1 for the HS-802.

Mine has a hotspot of 10cm at 3m and will make a house visible (just) at 500m if the atmosphere is perfectly clear.

A throwy XM-L at full blow may not be far behind, but the massive light output, reflecting from the foreground/middleground, is blinding, reducing long-range visibility.

This Brinyte Clone of the RQ Spear Thrower with may be a good choice. Should have good throw but decent spill too due to it having an XM-L

Try the Ultrafire WF-501b with the R2 emitter, a blacked-out reflector, and the 28mm aspheric from DX. That will give you a very impressive thrower with a very tight focused beam, all running off a single-18650 host you can drop in your pocket. Should be about $15 for the entire build.

The HS-802 would be a good second choice, but is much larger and has the annoying two-mode switch. (click-high, click-low, click-off) You have to go through the entire sequence every time you use the light and I'm one who doesn't see any purpose in a low-mode on a dedicated thrower.

You are right about the HS-802 hardwired mode switching. But if you use the light often (as I do), it becomes second nature to turn it off with a double-click. Like starting a program in Windows.

The HS-802 switch annoyed me as well but I just replaced it with a $2 forward clicky so momentary or one click for on/off just like any other switch and only one mode.

That’s a hard light to beat for the money.
I bought one like it called the KEYGOS XM-L off ebay. I gave $25 for it shipped. It flat throws a lot of light and it will throw a beam 400yds. I’ll show you the thread in a second so you can see for yourself.

Now for a $25 shipped light to your door it will be a hard light to beat. Look at those beam shots down the street. And those were both taken on a full moon nite. Those trees at the end of the road are a good 260yds.

I have both the Keygos and Trustfire X9 in shipment, will comment on which throws better once I receive the lights. Both lights got good throw feedbacks, Patiently waiting.