1 mode simple flashlight

Gnope. Stuck in a Sofirn cell (4.2V vs nominal 6.0V for the alkaleaks), and it’s bright as Hell. I think I also tried a pre-testing (~3.6V) cell, and it still worked fine. At least that’s what I vaguely recall.

I’m just wondering what I was substituting in that light, lithiumwise.

Right now, I got 2 AAAs at around 1.2V and another 2 at 0.9V, trying to at least kill the latter 2 before they take a dump in the holder. Starts off middlin’ bright and dims rapidly as the crappy crappier cells get hammered on.

Actually, hold off on that…

I was thinking of the wrong light. This one needs the holder with the nipple on the end, unless you wanna solder a spring to the pad on the driver. It’s got a pill at the business end of the battery-tube, removable, and a driver with retaining ring holding it in. So flattops won’t work, need a pronounced buttontop, or better yet, a spring.

Still, use the holder with alkaleaks, and it should do fine.

3×AAA will fit a 21700, 4×AAA will be loose, and need a spring on the driver’s pad.

Now add to all the confusion the 2×D light where I got 2 3×AA holders inside. :person_facepalming:

I’m going all Frankenstein on these lights, can’t even keep ’em straight.

But now I can replace the driver if I want to!

Both my wife and I are 85+. We prefer 1 mode, but the 80-100 Lmns are entirely satisfactory. If you get one that is much over 100 Lmn It is too bright in some situations. Neither of us want to carry a light that is any larger thaan 1 AA, and presently use 1 AAA singe mode lights.

When we become old, we sometimes become children again. Find a flashlight designed for children for your mother; there are also well made, suitable for not strong hands. For autonomy, buy more than one, if you find 3 or 4 flashlights of different colors in your home, when one is unloaded, take the other; the ideal one is a torch in every room.
Or (always one in each room or however from 3 to 5) use those for diving use, have a lever switch, large and lightweight, only one mode, are robust, are found using AA or even 18650

We all different.
But out of near 40 (now). My carry all favourite is the little Astrolux AO1
or my Jetbeam Jet 1 Pro.
They BOTH do all I need or want, in house or round house yard.
FOR Walkabout only… Stronger needed for further vision.
C8+ BIG tick.

Different. My Olight E3T Copper.
Heavier but up to 180 lum with 10440 Li-Po cell.

I have a distinct aversion to the S2 Tubes after having both slip out of my hands on occasions when relaxing. C8/+ so much better in all ways.
Solarstorm SC 02 with soft SIDE sw nice. 2 levels. 18650.
U Torch do one with Variable Battery sizes incl AA.

Hmmm Pool Pump Calked. Off to fix?? Maybe. Rewind hopefully.
or $650 for newbie. Wish me luck.

Thak Granny to computer screen and give her an idea of sizes in relation to ones you have first.
We all looking through different eyes.

Maybe I should just show her the output of my multimode flashlights.
The lower the output the better because it solves all runtime issues.

If Biscotti firmware would have other single modes besides 100% it would be ideal. If 100lm would be fine then setting a 3x7135 or 4x7135 on a 18650 last forever.

My mom doesn’t really carry the light. It’s on the table/in a nearby drawer most of the time. It’s mostly an emergency light, a light to find something in dark corner. Not an EDC. For an EDC I can understand you want a AA. While I’m a 18650 and up fan I must admit I like my Lumintop Tool 2.0 AA and AAA

The light my mom currently uses is 3xAAA. It now has a 18650 in it. The diameter is no problem, the length barely fits.
I guess only lights with big spring would hold a 21700.
I have a brand new Samsung 20700 cell I bought for, well don’t even know because I have any 20700 lights :person_facepalming:
It would add about 30% extra runtime

Might want to take a look at the older Anker LC40 as well:

It’s a 3xAAA light that fits an 18650 cell with no issues. A 20700 or 21700 might fit as well, but I haven’t tried.
UI is fairly simple: high/low/strobe, but it does have mode memory if you keep it off for 10 seconds. On low, it draws 0.6A and delivers roughly 200 lm, so an 18650 cell should last about 5-6 hours.

Get a Surefire Nitrolon.
2 Sanyo 16650 2300 mAh.
Any power or beam you want single LED lamp.
Xtar single charger, and you’re in business.
I have one, 1k lumens, in one of my shotguns, and is holding.

Nothing has better grip.
It’s light and no switch.

Mother didn’t like the feel of the grip thought.


300 lumens sounds blinding bright to go looking in a cupboard with :o

I wanted my mum to have a good general purpose/meter reading/emergency power outage light, just in case but hoping she’d never need it. I started by giving her an L3 Illuminations L10(twisty) and L11(clicky), both with 4 modes. Same issues with hands and the complication of modes, the idea was to see what she liked and didn’t like about the lights so i could work towards a suitable light but she loves them both, prefers the twisty because it’s easier to use, carries it with her when she goes away and even uses it when she gets up in the night instead of turning on the house lights. I put Energiser Lithiums in them which last for ages and while she hasn’t had to change a battery yet (a year of use) i have no doubt she’ll manage because she already knows how the head twists, she just has to twist it all the way off and put the battery in with the pointy bit pointing towards the LED (bulb :D).

To echo Macka, bigger is not always easier to hold/use, lighter is easier to hold, smaller is easier to store. And to echo others above, try and find out what your mum actually likes, give her a couple of torches to play with if possible and see what happens.
And if you’re worried about runtime with any light get her 2 so she can switch to the second when the first runs out which gives you time to sort out changing the battery.

The thing with bright is when you test it.
If you have been in the dark for a long time time then 100lm is bright enough. If you been in a brighly lit room 300lm looks dim.

Twisties are ‘rare’.
But I have some :slight_smile:
Sofirn CO1 AAA is 7 lumen
Tool 2.0 AAA 110/32/5
Tool 2.0 AA (270)/140/28/4

Yep, even 4 lumen is enough when used to the dark.
But when not used to the dark more brightness is needed and the the fast twisting to swith may prove to be a problem.
The cells may not last long enough. But OTOH an AAA can be kept in the pocket at all times. That’s certainly a bonus

I’m not totally against many modes, but half click is not gonna work.
A sliding switch to set modes would be ideal.
I have a ramping light, it works, that’s it.
More ideal would be a ramping light with two buttons like the volume on a remote.

Easy answer .... Boruit R2

It's simple to click on for people with arthritis and boney little fingertips with little strength .it is USB rechargeable so it's easy for anyone to manage charging. A double click doesn't do anything odd other than turn on the red lighted button

How about a touch lamp ? or a light like the zanflare lantern ?


rechargeable ,lightweight and easy to take with you .

I’m still sticking with the LuxPro I mentioned, as a simple easy-push tailswitch donk, but I forgot one which’d be perfect, too.

The Nitefox UW360 worklight!

Simple easy-push membrane switch, usb chargeable, on/off (always starts on high, 2nd quick push switches to slightly lower), nice floody chip LEDs, flexible neck, magnet-suck base which can be used to stick it to the fridge or someplace convenient.

Also comes with a protected cell as a nice bonus.

That Nitefox is way too ugly ..it looks like an odd fly swatter.

I use it to swat fireflies.


Small divers light with Magnetic sw.

Push/slide ON. Pull back slide OFF.
I have a dual Head double battery one for yrs. easy as.
they do sell single cell ones.

I bought ($10 for 2 del)some cheap lights with magnetic back,
Plus sticky strips and screw holes. no name.
2 x LED’s and AAA Battery’s. Rocker sw in middle of front.
Just slide finger across it. ON. Slide Back- OFF.
One on wall beside bed head.
one on side of Microwave in kitchen.
one on wall as you walk down the stairs.
Over 10 months now still on original battery’s.
They look like a double wall sw with Slide sw in centre
with a strip LED both sides of.
I tend to use them a lot over house lights.
Look in cheap shops.

Another way.
Cheap “motion Sensor” Wall mount lights”, Stick ons.

Stick ’em round house where she tends to wander.
Kitchen. hall. tut. etc.
She moves. THEY light up.

Another way. (I did for mates mum coupla yrs ago,
she 94)
coupla 5 m strip lights, cut Lengths to suit.
Along Skirt boards on same routes.
plugged into wall. Motion sensor to side of HER bed.
She gets up. Airplane walking lights but brighter.
Wherever she likely to walk. NO need to mess with torches.
set timer to longest.

It’s fun doing these things, Plus.
the look on her face the first time she gets offf the bed in the dark
Is magic.
Just stick ’em on the skirt or halfway up the walls.
OR above round the ceiling line.
NO Torches. NO Battery’s. full lighting.
Maybe $30/$40 and some time.

ME. Prostate done twice. tut call every hr on the hr. ALL night.
EVERY night.
Have plenty of practice of differing lighting scenarios.

I have installed a SMALL single, sensor LED wall light
in madam’s bedroom. High on wall at head end of bed,
behind her vision line.
Madam sits up in bed. light goes on. set for 1 minute.
Just wave an arm above head. light comes back/on.
Roll round bed. NADA. = Settings.
She loves it too. A NON torch person.
I Have coupla filter screens stuck over head to dull light down to suit.

There are lots of fun things you can do.
Figure out which SHE prefers. A torch is a basic start point only.
AND do it with a smile.
Just think back to what SHE did for you when you were young.

Without her. YOU wouldn’t even be here.
Lot’s forget that little item.

Update. I bought some lights at Dollar Tree, put in some Sunbeam batteies and the result is, I must say, amazing.

Plenty of light from both.
The second one has a throw and flooder lights.

Likely they won’t last very long, but for just $1 ….