10 000mah battery pack, 95min to charge


Impressive. No gimmicks no waiting for conceptual tech to materialise.

Battery can be charged with 2000mah in 15 minutes and takes 95 to reach the full 10 000. It’s purpose is to charge when pressed for time and then later use it to charge your phone or tablet. 10 000mah in 95 minutes is some crazy high current for a portable device !

The drawback seems to be that you can't charge the battery pack from USB. Only from the PSU that is included. It would have been interesting to get the specs of that PSU. 5V 8A?

Funny how they fail to show the charger on the website, probably bigger then the power bank. Im guessing a lipo pack at 8C charge rate.

The good thing on the normal power banks is that they can get charged with every USB power supply.

Very impressive, especially because I have thought that lipos tend to inflate themself a bit and that is a bad thing in a fixed housing.

If that was a Chinese 10,000 mAh pack it would charge in 1 hour at 2A. That would of course be because it was really a 2000mAh pack. :slight_smile:

For this pack to charge in 1 1/2 hour, it would need about 30 watt-hours in. I checked the brick that it comes with and it is rated at 10V and 3000mA. So this could be legit.