100 & 150m beamshots of some throwers from 7/16/14

The weather was great for beamshots last night (a very rare occurence to have low humidity here this time of summer) and I took full advantage of it and took a backpack of lights out to the school by my house.

The lights are all modded:

SR51- 2P conversion, BLF driver, dedomed U2 1D

ZY-T08 BLF-Z driver, dedomed MT-G2 P0 (2586Lm @ 80kCd)

EagleEye X6, stock driver bumped to 3.8A, stock NW emitter on noctigon

Trustfire 26650 zoomie, 105C x12 XP-G2 S2 2B dedomed

SK98, 105C x6, XP-E2 dedomed (with 3rd bond wire broken, warm white XP-e2 will be here today)

MagMod-C_K, olight SR51 driver, XM-L2 S6 7D3 (dome intact), at what I've found to be the best focus (the head still moves like stock)

Shadow TC300, BLF-Z driver, MT-G2 @ 10.3A (3001Lm, 35kCd)

RBG TK45. [][][][][][][][][]]][][][][[][][][][][][]

all photo's were taken with a Nikon PnS with the settings locked from one to the next (but sorry, I dont know what settings they are)

first up is the 100m shot to the school's 3 story gym wall







magmod C_K

TC300 (flooder)

RGB (this one is much more white in person with only a light purple hue)


control (grove of trees is target)






magmod C_K

Thats all from last night, any questions about anything let me know.

Nice work! I love the fact that it is totally commonplace around here to have a “backpack of lights”. Good to see those BLF drivers in action; I need to order some solder paste to complete mine. I ordered PCBs before the latest couple revisions and now I am kicking myself.

Nice shots. Thanks for the effort. You really have that SR51 singing.

EDIT: That maglite is amazing too. I don't remember. Do you have the Rebel led reflector in it? If so, really like you the hot spot is nice and big. My kind of thrower.

Yes and its going to be getting MUCH brighter, sometime this week when I have some time I’m putting a dedomed SST-90 in it so it can be like its big brothers.

edit Nope the magmod is an incan reflector with the cam cut off (also stock plastic lens), the emitter is on one of my direct bond modded 14mm Cu MCPCB’s sitting on the H22A HS’s 14mm pedistal, it screws right up into the reflector. I plan to build a silver magmod with the same parts (including SR51 driver) but a CW emitter, should be MUCH brighter (I love these 90+ CRI warm emitters but they literally do less than 1/2 the output of a U2 1A / 1D and I’ll dedome that one. I have high hopes for a dedomed emitter in the incan reflector.

Thanks CK. Nice shots from some nice lights. Do you like the X6?

WOW the SR51 Looks like a Helo Searchlight, Amazing!!! :heart_eyes: What’s that bad boy pumping out? Whats a 2P conversion?

Yeah, how many Cd is the sr51 making? Puts out a beast of a beam for that size light!

Well in that pic the SR51 was doing ~200kCd and 1325Lm.

A 2P conversion means I converted the stock battery carrier from 2s (2 cells in series) to 2p (2 cells in parallel) using a set of OSHPark boards so it would be the correct voltage for the BLF driver.

Yes MRsDNF I love the X6, it’ll be its turn on the table here soon to really see what it can do, I had a BLF driver in it at first but went back once I figured out the resistor mod but soon I’ll be going back to the 17dd once my new v1 boards come in. I don’t get to use it much, its a little to large to EDC (plus I prefer floodier lights for EDC like my triple S6) but every night when my lil sis and I go out to walk the dogs it’s the light she searches out to use (and she doesn’t care at all about lights so that’s really saying a lot, I mean it has to be REALLY nice for her to pick it when she can choose any light off my shelf).

edited to reflect lux numbers from 5 meter measurements

I just got a new area setup for me to do lux measurements in, before I was only able to measure at 3m, now I can measure at 5m…

Anyway I’ve got some new numbers to report, first off the one I’m Most excited about, the SR51 is doing 192kCd!!!

Also the X6 has been swapped to a 1A and dedomed (with some slight reflector focus mods) and its reading 72kCd and the ZY-T08 MT-G2 is doing 78kCd (My goal for it was 100k but I always told myself I would actually be happy if it got to 80 so I’m almost there and I can imporve the centering slightly, Im pretty sure I can hit 80k from an MT-G2). I’ll get measurements on the zoomies and the maglight tomorrow. I’m running pretty low on CW emitters but I would like to see what the magmod can really do so I may have to swap it.

Congrats to hitting 200kcd (192 is close enough in my books) on that SR51. Very impressive.

78kcd on that MT-G2 T08 if very good. Best I've heard so far in that light. Do you know what current you were getting to the emitter during that measurement? I added it to this thread. Please update the thread if you get it higher.