100% clear dedome leds on < 3 hours

my methode from led dedome:

+–150 minuts on thinner


then the led steam with on steam cleaner :


it is 100% clear dedome on +–3 hours


I have been using 2K thinners since i started dedoming. 100% success so far and clean everytime. Not sure if the 2K thinners is stronger or not, but the dome on an XP-G2/XM-L2 is gone in about 30 minutes.

Maybe more pure?

Does the color change to greenish hue when you dedome with the above solvent?

A little but I don’t think it’s anymore than with petrol.


Not extremely comprehensive, they try to limit the testing to substances that may be used in normal manufacturing. Note acetone, and superglue are both quite bad for the LED, specifically the silicone dome.

[enter Conspiracy Keanu]
What if gas stations have been diluting our gasoline with acetone, and that’s why our LEDs dedome in gas?

Has anyone tried dedoming larger emitters, such as 50-100 watt bridgelux? Im already aware of several MT-G2 attempts.