100 Dino Points=1$ each survey!!! DinoDirect surveys thread

100 dino points=1$ each survey, taking just few seconds



I noticed that if you disable the XSS script or javascript you don't get the reward!

You can redeem just a 20% of the order price with DinoPoints, or buy idinor V1 status with 699 points

Note: if you have others DD surveys post it, I will add ASAP

nice thanks!

np pounder

hurry up first that them stop also that survey xD


Another NoScript user, I see. ;)

Thank you OP. do they email these or how do you find it?

No, they don't. They add 100 points to your account which you can use during checkout, sort of like store credit. One thing I noticed though is that they won't let you use your points to pay for the entirety of an order.

yep,we accept Dino points to pay half of the order at most.

Thanks it worked!

Yeah.. I also got their email.. added another $ to my credit.... thanks Summer.

Yep them email you, but not all separate useful mails from their usual spam xD

Your Voice is important to us - Online Survey with Prize about "Discover China, Discover DinoDirect"

just got the above email in my Gmail inbox. didnt work out for me. says "failed!!!" wtf

i want my 100 Dinopoints!!! *ggg*

One semi-offtopic question guys:

When to use dinopoints when placing an order? First, login into paypal, acept the amount, then again at DinoDirect page and then use the points or how?


ty It worked with me! Be sure of activate javascripts


I use secure checkout and on last step when u select how to pay u can see Redeem by Dinopoints on top

Worked for me, thanks for the heads up.




added new survey

great btw halfree XD [quote=MixoMaxo] You can redeem just half price of the order with dino points, or buy idinor vip status with 699 points [/quote]

you can ever became idinor member to get free stuffs xD

if you do the survey with scripts disabled you fail it with no chance of do it again in the same account, sry I tried to advise in my best way

Is just a bug don't complain for all, you lost 30" in the worst case

First, thanks for sharing this.

Second, How do you find these surveys? they send them to your email or something?

np, we r here for share

about how to find...

sometimes them mail it(not easy find it in the spam)

tnx to users like kreisler that share it

the last a friend msg me the a link(he found it goggling), and I tought was a good idea post it also here... nothing of special as you can see.