10mm linear driver- discussion thread now

Absolutely...but need some R&D to make sure the little skittle will work ;)

Plus I owe ya one :D

Something else.., Matt, how much work is it to put up a version of the 10mm board at Oshpark that is 12mm, by just extending the edge of the 10mm board? I am not certain if it will work well, but..

Explanation: quite a few AAA lights that can potentially be fitted with a new driver have a 12mm driver board. The 10mm one can be used if the original driver is cleared from components and used as a contact board with the new driver floating above, if there's enough space in the pill, which there not always will be, especially when more than one 7135 is fitted. If the new driver is 12mm, it can directly be used, but since there will be components on the battery side now, the length of the battery tube can spoil this route (and I am modding a flashlight now that will have that problem).

So, a 12mm version surely will not work in a lot of the AAA flashlights out there, but if it can be put up in Oshpark with a minimum of effort, I will order a few to play with.

Oh, I will be interested in a few of the thinner boards, say 5 :-)

Do tell what flashlights...please?

Try this: http://oshpark.com/shared_projects/m2Rw8HzQ

I only extended the perimeter of the board and changed the name. No other optimization was made.

- Matt

12mm boards: Ultrafire A3, Ultrafire LZZ-06 (=new, but I love it already as a host), a few Tanks (I don't have them, but the UF A3 uses a Tank-driver), and I guess many more. My Maratac copperAAA and the ITP A3 (Olight) have a 11mm driver (shave a bit off the 12mm), the Maratac uses a Worm-driver, so there must be a Worm out there with a 11mm driver as well.

Again, I am not sure yet if in any of these flashlights there is the extra length in the battery tube to have room for the components on the battery side, I am just already sure the Maratac and the UF-LZZ-06 do not have room for it.

I think Matt is a machine! Awesome…simply Awesome!

[don't forget linkbacks to the project and stuff Matt ;) ]

Nice! An $8.33 host!

That was quick again! Thanks Matt.

I find it so much fun and amazing, within the hour: In Europe, I think some alteration, in Australia Matt does some of computer work and uploads it on a factory site in the USA, I just ordered 3 for 0.83 euro's shipped, and I just have to wait for it in the mail.

Let's see what I can use them for :-)

The world is getting smaller and smaller :)

Yes, thats called Flashoholic warming...

The politicians didn’t figure on us, did they? lol

With Tom making 9000 lumens from a single light, this problem is a growing concern! If we’re not careful, our politicians will be coming up with mandatory “governors” to throttle our lights in order to keep the world comfortable…

Just received some updates via email from OSH Park Sales:

3 minutes later:

I wish I knew how to use Eagle :frowning: there’s so many things that I would like to make such as battery monitor using LM3914V from TI or a remote control for light based on CC1101RTKR again from TI…

I would be interested in 3 to 9 of the .8'er (depending on price).

No bells, no whistles, no fancy colors,
10 pcs -$9.90
50 pcs - $32.40
100pcs -$52.40

After that comes shipping to me and then on to you so per board will depend a lot on how many you want. I need 20.

Good price, and if send in a normal letter taped to a piece of paper (I would not need tracking for a few cheap boards..) shipping is not that expensive.

(pity about the colour though, I was thinking pink this time ;-) )

Then I would be interested in 3, 6, or 9 depending on what price tier is met.

Red, yellow, blue, or white adds $8.50. Black adds $19. Not bad if we get 100 or more and not good if we get 20.


I have finally, sucessfully, populated a Tiny10!
.01, .10, and .370A to an XM-L. Woohoo!