10xAMC7135 for $1.85

FastTech is at it again:
10 x AMC7135 for $1.85

Really, who are these guys?
How do they know what to offer?
How do they get it cheaper than everyone else?

Wow, that is a amazing deal! Added a pack of 10 to my order with them.

Wow… These guys rock.

Wow! 2 packs ordered. Ridunculous!

Did you see the 100 pack?

14¢ each!

Thanks for the post!

Yikes, I thought they were 3.5A linear drivers. :slight_smile:

That's gotta be close to the cost per piece when bought in a complete reel...in fact they have them for even cheaper in lots of 100. I'm gonna find out, this seems too good to be true.

nice deal :slight_smile:

according to them… they don’t use “rock star” sales executives that always talk on the phone… and cut the middleman.
not too mention having the main warehouse next to foxconn chinese factories help too :slight_smile:

That’s what DX said. I truly believe these prices can only be sustained in the beginning.

After a while, certain costs of “missing” items, disputes, returns, refunds, PP fees, don’t forget scammers, they all start stacking up. And bye bye cheap prices.

you might be right… so if we want to buy cheap flashlights… better buy them now :bigsmile:

You read my mind! :bigsmile: Only four more days for GOTECH 10% coupon as well!

already spent most my Christmas fund with them already… i really should stay away from this forum… never ending bargain :bigsmile:

You're learning aren't you! It's so hard to stay away!

I'm thinking too that these prices are so low to get the business up and running and bring customers in (and it's working as far as I can tell). I expect we'll eventually see prices increase.

I'm also planning another purchase before the coupon code is expired. I learned my lesson though and am waiting until the last minute and checking on the "New Arrivals" pages for recently added items.


Really good price.

I also thought they were 3.5A drivers.

Is there such a driver with really good modes?

Selling a 10xAMC driver would be awesome! (Hint Hint!!!)


10xAMC driver with good modes :love: I am sure they will sell thousands :slight_smile:

10x7135 at 3.5, and 5 mode "Erik" driver w/moonlight and turbo - sweet! Can FastTech arrange it with E3120?

I don’t think anyone can make a 17mm 10x7135… just because there is not enough room to fit them :wink:
“Backpacking” is not possible for industrial manufacturing, the only way would be a master-slave configuration with a second board.

Well perhaps they could offer in-house driver customizations such as piggy-backing chips. If they could do that and possibly add/change modes they'd get a ton of business!