11,9 mm driver 3 mode AA only

Now we have an alternative to those AA 15mm flashlights. I think that they will fit ¿or they will be too tiny? 12mm anough to fit 15mm hole?


Pity it's high, low, strobe. And 9Hz is the most probable frequency for causing seizures....

But.... suitable for 15mm replacements? for AA flashlights?

Also, may fit on smaller ones as black cat?

ummm probably I will get one

Expanding the diameter somehow is probably easier than decreasing it.

I just took a look inside the black cat and I think it might very well fit. The black cat pill consists of two parts so you have some play height-wise. It probably needs additional insulation though.

I just hope it is no next mode memory thingy.

Like I said onDX : most AAA light have >12mm driver tube size (12.2mm) so if the specs a right (big laugh) you'r ok.

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on topic: I ordered one of these drivers: will give some feedback when it arrives.

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