[13-DEC-2013] Another new server, another new hosting company, you know the drill!

Enough said. :slight_smile:

Apologies and thanks to everyone for their patience.


:wink: Did you get in via the main URL or the temporary one?

Thank you Boss. :bigsmile:


This one didn’t take long at all, your getting pretty good at this SB. :bigsmile:
I guess you have had enough practice lately. :X

Like I said over on the status blog, I think I could probably migrate the server in my sleep with my hands tied. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done, it works well!

It seems pretty quick here no hang up’s yet.
I edited this reply and everything just moves right along. :wink:
I have been clicking everywhere and its smoking, maybe I am the only one here and everyone else has gone to bed.


Yep, I’m tired. Enough said. :slight_smile:

If only we could convince sponsors to provide server migration specials, we could tolerate this every Friday :wink:

temporary one, btw we have an Aardvark here? :open_mouth:

Great, it’s a date then! Next Friday everyone prepare for another tour of the Scenic Server Route… Actually nevermind. I never want to see another server again in my life! :Sp

Maybe Greta has room on her server...InnocentTongue OutSealed

Thanks for continuing to try to keep BLF working fast and properly. We all appreciate your dedication to the forums.

What type of admin offers a personal date, only to instantly retract it ? :wink:
<<===heartbroken :_(

We all appreciate your dedication to the forums.

Cheers David


Thanks sb. Happy xmas.

Runs WAY faster. Nice work!

-Jamie M.

Thanks guys for the reports. Please keep them coming.