13800 Lum TrustFire 12X CREE XM-L T6

I’ve seen this one (3x18650) and am hesitant to get one. I REALLY need a super bright “single mode” light and one of these on Ebay claims to have a single mode memory that will stay on any of the 5 modes.

I want to replace a single mode Trustfire Tr-3T6 (2x 18650 3x T6) which is an excellent light and adequately bright but I could use even brighter but… I must have one mode, full on.

Does anyone have this light? Comments? If I were to get one the 3T6 would become a backup.

I presume you are talking about one of these I don’t have one, and I wouldn’t get one.

I can’t see the point of it. If it drove each emitter at a modest 2.5amps, that would be 50 amps of current, or nearly 200watt. That much power would turn the thing red-hot in no time.

Of course, it would be very very hard (and probably impossible) to get 50 amps out of 4 batteries; that’s 12.5 amps each. Skilled modders who very carefully minimise resistance may manage to draw 5amps out of a battery, but that’s rarely possible in an off-the-shelf lamp.

So even if this thing draws 4a off each battery, it would be doing well, but that’s only 1amp per emitter. Those emitters can easily handle 3amps, so why not drive 4 of them at 3a each, rather than 12 at 1a? 8 of those expensive LEDs are just wasted.

There was a BLF thread on the 12X6 which may be helpful. There is a link there to a review of the SkyRay 9 XM-L which includes temperature measurements. The reviewer’s sample reached 199.7°F after 30 minutes use, which is almost enough to boil water.

I prefer to keep my torch and my kettle separate. It’s your money, and you may find it fun to combine them.

I appreciate your comments and the link but, I don’t need 30 minute run time.

I’m not changing a flat with it, 5 seconds to 30 would be MAX.

Fair enough, it won’t cook in that sort of time.

But I still can’t see it pumping out enough current to give you more light output than a well-set-up 3- or-LED light.

Uhhh, get thee back to math school… 12 LEDs x 2.5 A is is 30 amps. Call it 100 watts total. With three cells in series (call it 10V) that would be a 10 amp draw on the batteries.

Anyway, they are probably driving the LEDs at around 1 amp. The light MIGHT do 4000 lumens.

My 9 xml t6 light only pulls 30 watts. but man o man can it light up a area

I can guarantee you Two things. One is mentioned on the website that sells it. It will drain the batteries very quickly. :frowning:

There is at least one thing that is ALWAYS inaccurate and exaggerated. It is NO WAY 13000 lumens!!! Do you see any ANSI/NEMA Standards?? Never for these kind of lights. :~

My TR-3T6 claims 3800 lumens and 1000 meters of throw!!That was one of my beginners mistakes!!The good thing was that it only cost $35 and it gets used now as a temporary dinning room light,tail standed!

We all have preferences,one of mine is to never by Trustfire, Ultrafire and a few others like them again.

I could go on and on about a few distributors in China!! Recycled batteries, phoney lumen and throw specs…ect.!

For the most part you get what you pay for. I realize that every one has a budget. I would rather save up for a TK-75, BST, Jetbeam, olight ect. than have 3 or 4 of these kinds of lights.

Ciao,Roberto,have a good night.

I have one (remember though, copies of copies of copies, so who knows if this is the same one you will get). Texas is right above, it probably puts out about 4,000 lumens, but its still much brighter than the 3x T6 lights, and brighter than Trustfire J18. You can get about an hour runtime with 3 full Trustfire 26650 flame “5000 mAh” batteries, but the model I have will drop in output throughout the hour significantly.

My modded 9 XM-L lights sees up towards 110W at the emitters (3,3A to each emitter).

I wonder if I can make an omelet on it.. 0:)

OP, if you want single 12 XM-L light that is single mode and stupid bright. Mod it, or make someone mod it to become direct drive. 3 series 4 parallel, but be careful, you might set something on fire if the light accidentally turns on. Expect more than 100 degree Celcius in around 5 minutes if its indoors at the front of the head. Honestly, I would not recommend it from a safety perspective..

Why single mode btw? Unless you are going to signal with it, most of these lights always remembers that mode it last used..

The fandyfire 9 XM-L light is one of the brightest and best value 7++ emitter lights (53,6$ after coupon code), but it needs good batteries for best output. (atleast the version I and several others got had good output). Personally I think that the stock light have more then enough flood light. More emitters will (at similar current) generically just give you more flood... I would say as long as each emitter does not see more than 2 amps each, there is not much point in having more XM-Ls in it..

I have not heard of any 12 or 15 XM-L lights with close to 2 amps or more to each emitter..

Well there is a good reason people forget here for more XML’s: efficiency. Its much more efficient and generates less heat to get 3,300 lumens out of a 7x T6 J18 (just gets warm outside over a 60-120 min run) than it does to get 3,000 lumens out of a modded 3x T6 for example :wink: