14500 , 18650 etc

Now that I've dipped my toes in the flashlight hobby with AAA, AA and CR123 based lights I am now drawn like a moth to an er ummm...light, to the more exotic powered flashlights. Things run by such batteries as the 14500 and 18650. Now from what I can tell these are all a bit of a black art, used by those who don't mind a bit of filing or wrapping to make things fit. As if that wasn't bad enough they are certain to burn you, your emitter or steal your cat if not kept under a tight rein! Strange names adorn them. Nowhere to be found the comfort of a Duracell or a Sanyo when it comes to these strange beasts. Why I wonder? What is it about these batteries that the mainstream fear?

I guess I could just have asked why is the quality of these not great and why do the major battery companies not make them? That was a bit boring though. :)

There are plenty of good quality 14500 and 18650 batteries around. I would go so far as to say that there are millions and millions of good quality 18650 batteries to be found, especially since about every laptop battery pack that exists is made out of them.

The problem is that "care and feeding" of said batteries (especially the unprotected type) is substantially more complicated than NiMH, Alkaline or just about any other type of portable battery chemistry. You also have to understand that battery size standards are a bit loose - even AA NiMHs will vary by a fair amount in size.

I forgot laptops use them. From a quick look around the forum it looks like correct charging and not doing anything that could damage them are the main issues.

Which 14500s would you recommend? I was about to buy some Flames (ironic name) but have read some bad reviews of recent batches.

... and why do the major battery companies not make them? That was a bit boring though. :)

Excellent question! Never thought about that one. Not enough demand?

Sanyo and Panasonic aren't major battery companies?

Do they make/brand them? I'd feel better using them if they had decent brands making them. Off to do more googling.

well, how about if I put it this way: why don't you find them in hardware stores, supermarkets, convenience stores?

Sanyo/Panasonic cells are re-wrapped by many sellers.

They are known for their good performance.

Panasonic bought Sanyo a few years back ...

There aren't that many real battery manufactures Sanyo/Panasonic Sony LG Samsung ?

I assume all of these companies have plants now in china as well ..possibly under another name lest they ruin their own brand ..I know Sony had a secondary name of products made in china ..I suppose the trend is that all ther plants will eventually be in china or india as well.

Back to the question at hand .....wow or hi max ...xtars ...callies customs ..LMR is an option too either AW, shao.fu.tzer,or bestinone...Odds are it will be a combination of many.

Batteries are a very temporary thing ..they have a shelf life and when they are old and need replaced ,a better battery will be out and it will be time to upgrade to that one .There is probably a price point too.A best bang for your buck .. Or highest mah per $ ratio. Probably one or 2 clicks back from the latest and greatest thing out there .2600 mah?

You do in cr 123a's all of the energizer and duracells are rebadged japanese batteries ..

You don't see 18650's because they are dangerous and the won't sell them to the public ..and they wouldn't know what to do with them anyway ..I think it's about liability with an already dangerous product .

Because rechargeable lithium-ion chemistry batteries require substantial care to use safely and properly. For most people, they make little sense.