14500 & 18650 Laser hosts for sale

Up for sale I have Laser hosts complete with heat sinks and set screws for axis modules to fit 14500 or 18650 cells. Tail end of heat sink can be machined to fit 15,16,17mm contact boards or drivers. Custom heat sinks can also be supplied for specific hosts by request. 14500 Host - $35.00+Postage. 18650 Host - $40.00+Postage. Feel free to contact me for quotes on other hosts or custom work. Cheers gents. Paul.

So what does high power lasers do?

Not trying to stomp on your deal, but I thought high power LED’s can cause severe eye damage

What can you do with lasers like this good sir?

Lasers do many things, and to those without common sense, they might do similar things as knives, guns, or even a blunt stick.

But I’m not selling lasers.

understood, I appreciate your response…you are selling pretty cool housing for them for sure

Did a little bit of research…could a diffused laser in the night vision range be useful as a “beacon” in S&R? As in a BEAM OF LIGHT to “here I am” for someone using NVG’s?

There does seem to be a few practical applications of high power lasers, but there are dangers of course…always best to be educated right :wink:

Thanks for these cool hosts

Thanks WarHawk.

Yes definitely, there have actually been a few cases where hikers have been rescued after been spotted and located from the use of lasers.
I have also heard that firefighters and emergency service rescuers are using them to spot areas of light smoke or gas that would otherwise not be seen with the naked eye.

Completely agree with you though, they must be handled with care no doubt.
They’re not toys, and shouldn’t be treated in such a way.

Cheers WH :beer:

That black housing must be one of the most sexy non human things I’ve ever seen…

Haha, While I can’t say I completely agree with you on that, I do appreciate the comment :beer:

Damn, if I didn’t just drop $60 on a custom laser host myself I’d be all over that black 14500 host. What’s it made out of?

My first laser build that was supposed to be budget just ended up costing my $210 ($130 for the host / laser module + 2 pair of goggles), freaking expensive hobby to get into.

Expensive hobby to get into……I think you just mean expensive no matter what. Dont believe me, try telling that to a NDB7675…….

Hello, I’m back again, I really can not resist that 14500 host, is there any way the head could be shortened about 1cm or so? I may end up taking it but I’d like to see it with a slightly shorter OAL and shorter head specifically. Whats the minimum length to be able to fit an axisz module?

I’ve never seen it before but it looks like a miniaturized c6 host

Which host did you end up getting? :slight_smile:

I hired VOB to make me a custom pill for a convoy M2 host. Got about $60 in it but I think it should be extremely good thermally with the uni-body head design of the M2 and perfect machining from VOB.

It’s getting a M140 from DTR with a flexidrv (however they spell it) and G2 lens.

It actually looks bigger in the pics than it is in reality.
The host measurements are 95mm(L) x 20.5mm(W), almost identical to a C3.
Just remember, the longer the head of the host is determines the length of the heat sink.
The bigger the heat sink the less chance your diode will overheat, which equals longer run times and longer life for your diode.

I really wouldn’t recommend anything smaller to be honest.

Thanks for the answer, I know the heatsinking issues with small hosts well, still tho, it is possible? Whats the minimum length to fit the axis module? Whats the most the head can be shortened and still be able to assemble / fit the module in it?


Answered in your PM CK :beer:

A module isnt long at all, you dont need the back cap ever so if you want the exact length needed i can go pop my spare module out my C6 and measure it

It’s about 15-16mm depending on what type of lens you’re using and how far into the heat sink you have to set it so that the focusing adapter sits flush from what I remember.

WRONG! You dont set the module deep into the heatsink, the module should always sit flat with the top of the heat sink and the lens will stick out

Lol, ok if you say so.