14500 charger/eneloops AA

Hello all. Wasnt sure if i should post this in the charger or battery area of the forum.
I just got the lumintop Tool AA V2 and i have 2 Orbtronic protected 840mAh 14500s Sanyo/Samsung core i believe it said.

Anyway,i have 2 of the Xtar SV2 Rocket chargers along with my Miboxer C4-12. The 14500 don’t fit in my Miboxer but AAs do just fine.

Is the SV2 a good enough charger for the 14500 cells or should i consider something else?

I’m not very familiar with the 14500s…. This lumintop is my very first 14500 light as my other EDC.


Oh btw i ordered my cells directly from Orbtronic website and 2 more from mtnelectronics.

I know that the rocket charger will go back to 1amp charge rate if i lose power for even just a split second (happens a lot here).

Ok guys idk what i did but i made 2 threads of the same topic and don’t know how to delete my first one sorry.

Huh? 14500 fit the Miboxer just fine.

Not mine. I have to lift them up both positive and negative side, then they look like they’re about to come flying out. Idk if it’s from the button top protection or what.

All I know is that ALL my NiMH AA fit perfectly fine in there. Just not these Orbtronic cells.

Besides, the Miboxer is a bit big for something that I want to take traveling with me. Any suggestions?

I have the weirdest Miboxer ever I swear

Ok I didn’t mention I wanted something smaller. Something D4 size (either 2 bay or 4 bay).

You want something smaller?? Either of these would be hard to beat… :+1:

Use a good USB Wall Adapter with either of these & your good to go.

I use this one:

Good wall adaptor such as an iPad charger or an Anker 3A adaptor for my power bank?


Also is half amp too high charge rate for 14500s? I try googling but not much info I can find about these. Mostly get 18650 results.

Orbtronics customer service told me to charge at .25A but that takes forever!

Yes, any 2A charger will work fine for full power.

Thanks BlueSword

Orbtronic says to charge at .25A but that takes forever. Can I use .5A without any problems?

Yeah… “Good” meaning check out HKJ’s reviews on USB Wall Adapters. :+1: . He has shared a world of knowledge with us.

I’m not familiar with the iPad charger, but Ankers are usually pretty good IIRC.

I’d charge them at .5A for the 14500’s & AAA Eneloops.

Charge the AA Eneloops at 1A on those two chargers I mentioned.

I use my Anker “PowerPort+” to charge my TC20 and with the Uni-T USB thing it says it’s charging at 2.13A compared to iPad plug at 1.58A or so.

I couldn’t find my Anker on HKJs page but I did read up on a lot of the USB adaptors.

Thanks! I’m guessing using a good micro USB cable with it is a good idea with least resistance like a was asking about in a thread a while ago for the charger?

Do those chargers sell on amazon?

You truly have the worst luck. :slight_smile:

I have some protected button top 14500 Sanyo cells from MTN Electronics, and they just pop right into the C4-12 without any fuss.

Wtf lol I HATE my Miboxer! Except for when it does decide to work great then I love it. Should I just order another one? Maybe I got one of their old funky chargers or something.

The resistance for ALL of my Panasonic’s, Sanyo cells from Richard all say 700, 999 resistance and they’re brand spanking new.

Those 26650 and solder blobbed 30Qs are mostly the only cells I have where the resistance doesn’t bounce all over the place

I just use the cable that comes with the charger or whatever I have handy.

Never seen the Liitokala’s on Amazon.
Check out M4DM4X’s site for a Discount code at Banggood though.

You can get a WUBEN ARF2 on Amazon. It is the same as the Lii 202, it’ll just cost you more on Amazon. I did notice there was a 40% off seller coupon available though. That will put it at $12. That is still a good bit more than using M4DM4X for a Lii202 though.

Alrighty Pete I just tried my Miboxer again and the only slot that works without any fiddling around is the 2nd slot.

Resistance 434

Thanks m8!