14500 Keychain light

I originally bought 4 Keeppower 14500 batteries for my EA4. Little did I know that I couldn’t use 14500 batteries in the EA4. So now I have 4 batteries laying around with no use. I’ve been searching for a keychain light that takes 14500 without getting too hot too fast. I thought I would post and get some recommendations. As far as what I should do with the other three batteries I’m open for suggestions.

Just snag you a 14500 host or two

SK68’s and clones are nice, but there are a myriad of lights out there


Fandyfire Rook is a pretty neat little light

I’ll probably end up doing that but I don’t have a keychain light and that’s what I’m really needing. I was hoping to come across something keychain friendly.

Well not AA but AAA

I got one of these…crazy bright

More or less a maglite solitaire but with an XP-G

Nothing AA??

AA is a little too big for keychain imho. The smallest AA light I have is Thrunite’s Saber, which some people have used 14500 in - I think, but you should check.








nitecore ezAA

thrunite T-10

Eagletac d25A

L10 nichia 219A

solarstorm Sc01 isn't a bad little AA/14500 light but the side button wouldn't allow it to be a keychain liight

I like AA lights but honestly a AA light is to big to be a keychain light IMO

I was going to suggest the DQG AA, but it’s sold out.
There’s also this one:

and a few more 14500 lights on cnqg, but that’ll be a large keyring !

Olight I2, 14500 not officially supported but many (including me) have used them without issue. Not for long periods of time however.

makes it easy to find my keys. Just Kidding! :stuck_out_tongue:

The EagleTac mentioned above is a sweet choice in an AA light, as is the FandyFire Rook. Those two would use up all your cells, with the Rook taking 3. :wink: The Rook is surprisingly small for all that, like a miniature King. I like mine quite a lot, of course, it’s modified to within a mm of it’s life…

Oh believe me… That’s the first place I checked was cnqualitygoods for the DQG AA. Lol. I really wish I could find one…

I really like the Eagletac d25A. I’ve come really close to buying on Amazon a few times.

The Olight I2 discontinued. But I like it. Does anyone know where I can find one?


PM address and will be on the way.

or see


Thanks for posting that link… :slight_smile:

+1 on the Eagletac D25A. You can’t go wrong with ET but they are kind of big for a keychain. Another really nice one is the Zebralight SC52. Has crazy high out put even on AA’s. The only drawback is the slightly high price. And welcome to BLF from a fellow Texan.

Listen to manxbuggy1, he’s a connoisseur of lil lights and has one of every small light ever made on any planet in the galaxy. :wink: No Lie! :bigsmile:

I’ve always liked the Eagletac and I think I just might go ahead and buy the D25A. It just seems like there are so many Eagletac D25A… There’s Mini, clicky, Ect. Which exactly model are we talking about? Lol

This is right??? http://goinggear.com/flashlights/flashlights/eagletac-d25a-clicky-xm-l2-u2-1-x-aa-200-led-141-ansi-lumen-flashlight.html

If you are interested in the Olight I2 then check out the ITP A2. Basically the same light but before Olight bought out ITP. I have run 10440’s in my A3 for over a year and a half with no problems. Here is a link.