14500: Which Site gets em To Usa Fastest

I have a z8 but don’t yet have a 14500 to go in it. Would prefer not waiting forever for just 2 14500’s. So the question is who ships fast to the USA or from the USA, is dependable, and still has a battery that is of good quality?

read this. us based battery supplier

If you need them fast go for lighthound, you will have them within 3 days of ordering.

Thanks for the feedback , it is much appreciated. I pm’ed Kuma but have not heard back so I will go with lighthound.

14500 Sanyo cells - protected.

2-3 days delivered from FLA.

Thanks Spacecowboy but that is bit more then I wish to spend for 1 battery at this. But I do appreciate your feedback.


Genuine Sanyo based protected batteries aren’t that cheap.


Shop around, and watch for shipping charges.

I am not really sure why so many are paying so much more for just one battery. Enlighten me please. I know about protection so does it have to do with different degrees of protection and the quality?

When/if you are buying AA batteries (for example) which one would you buy

1. AA Sanyo Eneloop

2. No name Chinese AA battery

Well, Eneloop seems to be what most here would buy. Better quality I presume.

How does this break down? Whats the main difference between better and so so quality? 30 0r 40 more recharges?
No fires due better protection. Longer lasting power? these are what i presume the pluses are. Correct me if I’m wrong.

what about Tangfire or Fandyfire ?


You can always try these from Tmart - usually you get your items within a week


But those say "Ships from Int'l Warehouse" not U.S.



Makes sense to me Leaftye. Sounds like it has been proven that the better names are what they say they are. Anyone know of a thread which proves this point and I’m sure this exists. But compares the wanabes to there counterparts

Give KumaBear a little bit to reply back to your message. I’ve just been told they have caught up on pre-orders and he will be able to hook you up soon.

If you can’t wait You can get 14500s really quick from some ecig shops around the states. You may even have one locally if you live in a metro area. Some even have TF Flames. They aren’t going to be China-prices though.


Give shaotech a go, us based fast shipping.

I use IMR 14500 in my Z8, seems to make a difference on brightness.