16340 and 18650 questions...

So I know the basics and the proper way to take care of them, but...

How long do they hold their charge? I like the CR123's bc I know if I leave it in something and go back to use it a few months later, it will work.

Shelf life?

How many charges will they take before losing their capacity?

When do they need to be replaced all together?

Thanks in advance.

I did a 6 month self discharge test last year , ??? anyone save the results ?

Anyhow , a few months should be ok , replaced ? just depends on the individual cell quality ...

Most people seem to be suggesting 3 years , I have some that would be 2+ Years old , and I really see no need to replace them or recycle them ...

Ive ordered a hobby charger , and hope to do a discharge test on all my Li-ion cells to test capacity ..

Im certainly interested in seeing how my older RCR123A's have stood the test of time .

I'd definitely be interested in those results.

If you had to guess...after 3 months of sitting after fully charged, apprx how much has been discharged?

Me too , if anyone saved the final one , Id really like to get my hands on it ...

My computer [XP ] crashed and burned , so I lost the final results , + the picture host went down the same time , so ? If anyone has it ?

Thanks, that's actually really helpful!

That seems pretty good for 3 1/2 months, this may have changed my mind about rechargeables, at very least it's another option to atleast have a few, and maybe a solar charger.