16mm silicone [not-O]-rings, orange

Anybody need a few?


Also (page down there) in other colors, mixed lots, and glow-in-the-dark
Rather cheaper than the ones sold for flashlights

(edit, thanks mapache — these are square cross-section, useful where there’s a square cutout on the reflector, where round “O” rings tend to roll out of the slot and appear behind the lens)

Not sure if it matters but those are square cut.

they’re quite small though (15mm diameter and 1mm thick)
knowing these loom bands, they tend to be powdery and become sticky like rubber band on heated glass. (especially the cheap ones)
chances are 40% of the looms are in warped oval shapes

I’ve yet to own a light that could use these loom bands.

ah well, I hoped. Still hunting for bands with a square cross-section to fit some reflectors that have a square cross section cutout for their “O-ring” behind the lens.

There are a variety of other silicone rings at the site, including some closer to standard flashlight dimensions and O-cross-section.

Much more than I’ve found at the familiar vendors who have a limited variety.

but be careful scrolling down the page if there are children or employers watching, there are some adult novelties that turn up in the same search.