18 Nitecore EZ AA's...... for sale // ONLY 3 left

I just got an EZ AA from Boaz today, and at $38 delivered it is not exactly a "budget" light, but it is pretty amazing.

I have a Black Cat OSRAM AAA on my other keychain, which for $9 blows away an iTp AAA light. The OSRAM is way brighter and throws more.

The EZ AA is only a mm longer than the AAA Black Cat, and not a whole lot thicker. It is much heavier, however. Much easier to mount on a key ring than the Black Cat, which I tied to my keychain with lanyard cord.

For the pure money, the Black Cat OSRAM is a lot of light for $9.

But for the $38 I paid for the Nitecore, it is better than what I thought it would be. Small, hi/lo modes, just a 1/4 inch longer than my Nissan key. Very bright, good flood with some decent throw, nicely finished. Plus it came with in a nice tin, with lanyard and key chain attachment (neither of which I used).

I don't remember, can 14500 batteries be used with the EZ AA?

BTW, I do have a tank007 E07 coming, curious how that will compare.

Thanks for the fast shipping, Boaz!

The tank007 E07 is a bit of a mixed bag, the head is fantastic a really nice solid unit. It's all rather let down by the switch lock out thingy on the bottom of the body, it's just a bit of a kludge.


I've told my bestest buddy about the EZ AA I ordered from you for my own birthday (some things you'll have to take into your own hands if you don't want to be disappointed!).

Already, he seems quite fascinated although not having seen it in person yet.

Just in case the fever catches on - do you have a couple more of those Nitecores? You know, just in case...



... tritium glow thingy? Ahh, screw that. Besides, it'd be illegal to import. Federal Republik of Krautland seems to be rather strict on radioactive materials, I'm surprised they didn't say anything when my Victoreen CDV-700 arrived- for nostalgic reasons, of course. Not that a Geiger counter could be useful these days...

(then again, weaponlights are a BIG no-go as well... might try to import one JUST for the fun of it!)

I didn't get that many of these ..i think I have about 5 left and I snatched another 6 or so originally from the bunch for myself ..6 is pretty excessive sototal I have about 8 left to sell . when we get into my private stash people will say what they said at the wedding feast at Cana....."you have left the best for last."

Same with the Ex-10..I might have 15 of those left and the 8 or so I pulled for myself ..So I have about 20 ... ex-10's too.

The tail on the ezAA is threaded and waiting for someone to get very creative with it ..Like an easy magnet mount or a carabiner clip ,aligator clip ?? who knows but the ability to attach anything to it by just screwing something onto it appeals to me in a big way ,it should lead to something ingenious.

Boaz, PM sent, send me an email


Hey marinemaster, welcome to the place where the guys with the cheap lights hangout! We are a friendly group, make yourself right at home!

Welcome to BLF :)

Hey there marinemaster, welcome to BLF!

Aloha and welcome to BLF marinemaster!

my EZ AA from Boaz arrived today.

Let me say, I am VERY pleased with this (sadly discontinued by the factory) masterpiece of machining, and also with the thoughtful extras Boaz added to the parcel.

Thanks a lot, Jeff!!!

Of course, the EZ AA is nothing like the handheld FLAK-searchlight seen in trooplewis' posts, but then again, it was never intended to spot enemy bombers (or acquaint Batman, for that matter). The EZ AA truly convinces with satisfying output, excellent machining and anodisation, bity knurling, two sensible modes and no need for expensive, fancy cells. It immediately has joined the elite group of my elite EDC lights (which ain't that many - a modified mini-m@g, a stainless Maratac AAA (still NEED the AA version!), and the "hackjob", all on rotation)


I like mine from Boaz too, even though Batman ends up lost when I use it.

You're welcome Simon..

Every light should come with chocolate I learned that from Huny . i think I sent you hybrid duraloops .They were cheap here and I know nothing is cheap in Deutchland .

happy birthday buddy

shipped your light today marinemaster.. thanks for coming over to Blf to snag one of these ..Thanks trooplewis for noticing someone asking for this light..

it works, in a way.

I simply stuffed one of Don's pills in there. Low mode is affected positively, and can be dimmed (in the words of Match:) "ridiculously low". I.E. to the point where you may directly look at the emitter.

Once you hit high mode, it is just that: high mode. However, if you're twisting the head fast enough, you might not notice the step where high mode kicks in - but that isn't the point of a QTC, now is it...?

DD doesn't seem to be an option, as the 1.5V delivered by your average alkaline (or 1.2V from any rechargeable NiMH) is a far cry from the 3.1Vf of the emitter.

Yup, hybrid Duraloops. THANKS a LOT, Jeff!

I just received mine last night. Thanks Boaz! Now, time to tear it apart...Tongue out

(only half joking...)

I have been saving my pennies for one of these. I can't wait to finally have a decent brand name light. PM sent. I might have to sign up at CPF now.........................................................not.

put one in the mail to you ..

should be at your door within 3 days

I think it will do you good to sign up over there, that way you can still spend say $100 a month of goodies, but instead of getting 8 items a month you will get 1/2 of the flashlight and then the other half after you have made the other payment. :)

Kick ass, I can't wait.