18 Nitecore EZ AA's...... for sale // ONLY 3 left

Hey there marinemaster, welcome to BLF!

Aloha and welcome to BLF marinemaster!

my EZ AA from Boaz arrived today.

Let me say, I am VERY pleased with this (sadly discontinued by the factory) masterpiece of machining, and also with the thoughtful extras Boaz added to the parcel.

Thanks a lot, Jeff!!!

Of course, the EZ AA is nothing like the handheld FLAK-searchlight seen in trooplewis' posts, but then again, it was never intended to spot enemy bombers (or acquaint Batman, for that matter). The EZ AA truly convinces with satisfying output, excellent machining and anodisation, bity knurling, two sensible modes and no need for expensive, fancy cells. It immediately has joined the elite group of my elite EDC lights (which ain't that many - a modified mini-m@g, a stainless Maratac AAA (still NEED the AA version!), and the "hackjob", all on rotation)


I like mine from Boaz too, even though Batman ends up lost when I use it.

You're welcome Simon..

Every light should come with chocolate I learned that from Huny . i think I sent you hybrid duraloops .They were cheap here and I know nothing is cheap in Deutchland .

happy birthday buddy

shipped your light today marinemaster.. thanks for coming over to Blf to snag one of these ..Thanks trooplewis for noticing someone asking for this light..

it works, in a way.

I simply stuffed one of Don's pills in there. Low mode is affected positively, and can be dimmed (in the words of Match:) "ridiculously low". I.E. to the point where you may directly look at the emitter.

Once you hit high mode, it is just that: high mode. However, if you're twisting the head fast enough, you might not notice the step where high mode kicks in - but that isn't the point of a QTC, now is it...?

DD doesn't seem to be an option, as the 1.5V delivered by your average alkaline (or 1.2V from any rechargeable NiMH) is a far cry from the 3.1Vf of the emitter.

Yup, hybrid Duraloops. THANKS a LOT, Jeff!

I just received mine last night. Thanks Boaz! Now, time to tear it apart...Tongue out

(only half joking...)

I have been saving my pennies for one of these. I can't wait to finally have a decent brand name light. PM sent. I might have to sign up at CPF now.........................................................not.

put one in the mail to you ..

should be at your door within 3 days

I think it will do you good to sign up over there, that way you can still spend say $100 a month of goodies, but instead of getting 8 items a month you will get 1/2 of the flashlight and then the other half after you have made the other payment. :)

Kick ass, I can't wait.

I got the light this morning, two thing wow is it bright and small only slightly longer and wider than a Tank TK-703 but much brighter. I am very impressed and very happy. Thanks

they are little .. kind of amazing when you set one next to the last BLF light or a B9 ss n-light .. they seem huge in comparison .

Ok. I'm officially jealous :( Have to pinch pennies though. I've been buying too many lights recently... I kind of blame this forum. LOL

Guys, I recently upgraded my EZ AA I got from Boaz with an xp-g R4 3D tint emitter. Wow! This is now officially my favorite key chain light (Sorry fenix!). If you have one already, I can't recommend this mod enough.... Beam is perfect, tint is perfect, and output is almost too good to be true. I'll try and get a post up shorty....

I just made a drop in with a XP-G R43D and that is my favorite tint also. The question is what size star fits in the EZ AA because I can't wait to dot his mod? Thanks

I used the same 16mm xp-g R4 3D emitter from SB that I did on the nitecore ex10. They file down quick, and the size you need to aim for is 12.8mm.

Good deal I will order another one, the star is pretty thin so it should go easy. Thanks for the inspiration.