18 Nitecore EZ AA's...... for sale // ONLY 3 left

I used the same 16mm xp-g R4 3D emitter from SB that I did on the nitecore ex10. They file down quick, and the size you need to aim for is 12.8mm.

Good deal I will order another one, the star is pretty thin so it should go easy. Thanks for the inspiration.

Match, how did you get the pill removed from the head? Did you just heat it up with a propane torch like the Tank007 E07? I tried using the "extreme force" method and just ended up with threading gouges in my index finger..

Me too I have a 3D I'M dieing to put in mine but all I managed to do was gouge the shit out of it.

If you have any left, I'll take one please

Boaz is on vacation this week, I am not sure if he has internet access or not so it might take him a little while to get back to you.

Thanks for the heads-up .... I'll sit in the corner patiently until he gets back :)

Well, I'm on vacation too...but figured I'd respond quick to this since I haven't posted the teardown pics yet.

Yes, I used a propane torch to heat up the head. No reverse threading or any of that nonsense... it unscrews normally. But it does take a bit of heat to loosen up the glue. It may be unsettling to take a torch to a not-so-budget light, but that's what needs to happen. Once heated up enough, the head should come apart easily enough without any galling.

Once apart, the led can be unsoldered and replaced without further teardown.

For bonus points, compress the battery spring on the base of the pcb slightly and solder in place. This will reduce the amount of twisting from low to high from 1.5 turns to just a half a turn. This is what I did on mine.

Yikes a torch on a $40 dollar light that isn't broken uhmm OK I might pass on this mod.

Don't know what your missing on this potential EDC champion (tint wise anyway)...

Trust me I know, I have a coupe 501As with the XPG R4 3D tint and a R5A3 with a neutral XML. My EZ has a very neutral tint lottery winner tint on it compared to others I have seen. It will get done eventually when i grow some nuts and finish the dozen or so projects i am buried under now.

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break out the propane torch

He's back :)

Like a bad penny :p

tx101 //sending you paypal info ..if you mod these use the torch you'll never get them apart with sheer force and just end up tearing up the knurling.... ;(

Boaz is back

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I think it had something to do with sending gifts to mr. admin.

It pays to grease the wheel.

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