18650 3600mAH ?

At DX. Full description reads "UltraFire BRC 18650 3.7V 3600mAh Lithium Batteries - Yellow"

The not so exciting bit is the price $13.60/2.


They look decent, but unless they are really oversized, I don't see how they could be 3600mAh. What I'd like to see is some off-brand IMR cells.

If these go over 3000mAh I'm going to eat my hat.

Whose going to be the guinea pig and buy these batteries?

Doyou have read the label?

Look the label. "low discharge rate". They are the same as the red 3000 ones. Forget about them

I think that means low self-discharge rate. But I also think they are likely to be like the "3000mAh" ones, and best avoided.

I tested the red ones , CPF . Anyhow they were worse than the BRC3000 ... [ And the BRC3000 has earned a rep for being rubbish ]

And one of my BRC3000's failed last year , and they were only lightly used ...

If these go over 24000 2400 mAh I'm going to eat my hat.

If these go over 24000 mAh I'm going to eat my hat.

Very conservative assumption ;)

I dont want to eat my hat no matter how many mAH they have.

With the weather we have for the moment I need it badly.

An educated guessing would read... Samsug has the most advanced know 3000mAh 18650 around. Pricey too. So this one should likely not even be 3000mAh at that price point and most likely doesen't allow high discharge rates. On a side point the process of cramming that much energy onto standard sized 18650 would make me think the cell should be used with much care.

Sorry, it was 5am and I was going to sleep, and I even don't have a hat

I just think they are always the same batteries with different labels..

Does anyone have a clue what is the meaning of those signs: BRC, TR, XSL, LC, etc.... at 18650's cover?

My imagination can think of Basic Rate Current, Trust Related ;-), eXtreme Slim Line, Low Current, etc... just joking

BRC should stand for "Buy, Regret, Cry" since the BRC 3000's are no good and have an unusually high internal resistance.

LC = Lousy Capacity

XSL = eXtra Small Lithiums

TR = Trusty Rechargeables

Can't seem to make up a name for the "TF"-prefix. Trapped Fire?


Can't seem to make up a name for the "TF"-prefix. Trapped Fire?


Truly F##ked ?

...and you'll be able to buy them on ebay, from americanstorexx, for, i don't know, a dollar, or 40 or 50% of that...

Um, that'll be me then. I got a pair of ultrafire BRC 18650 3600mAh lies. Aparently they have a "Sheef-life around 10years". Haven't worked out how to tie them in knots or how it will help. These cells are black with a grey "d" shaped panel that has ultrafire written on in red with 3 red stripes below. The word ultrafire is etched on the base (- cap). The + button cap has 2 little holes, one either side. I can look through the little holes, yay. They were both 3.8xV when I recieved them. Charged to 4.19xV about a week ago, now one cell is 4.107V, other is 4.139V. When my torch arrives (it will be this week it WILL be this week IT WILL BE THIS WEEK) I'l give you some numbers that actually tell you something lol. Am thinking of buying some panasonic cells (if they are what they are supposed to be), good idea ?

Of the cheap cells these ones have the best rep (unless there is something new I've missed) - $9.57 TrustFire Protected 18650 3.7V True 2400mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (2-Pack)

The really do have the 2400mAh capacity stated and seem to cope well with higher currents.