18650 Batteries (for Gimbal)

looking to buy 3 new 18650 batteries for my Gimbal (Beholder DS1).
Not sure it needs something special - old ones just says “18650 2600mAh 3.7”, no further information.
I’m currently using it with 2xINR18650 30Q and 1xICR18650 30B batteries I own from a previous purchase I made for my Convoy C8 flashlight.

anything new in the 18650 batteries in the last 5 years? :nerd_face:

The only (and serious) problem is that many sites (FastTech, GearBest) don’t ship batteries to my country (Israel),
so I’ll need a few options or at least specific models I should look around in stores here.

I own “Miller ML-102” charger, and the Gimbal has an internal charger for the 3x18650 battery holder.

Thanks ahead for any help! :slight_smile:

Found these:
for a “reasonable” price of $9.68 for 4 (+ $5.26 Shipping).
has anyone tried using them before? reviews seem to be fine, but it doesn’t seem to be genuine…