18650 batteries to long for my 2 chargers?!


I ´vw got this charger and this charger. And then I got these and these.

Neither the Ultrafire nor the Trustfire fit into the chargers. The batteries are just too long.

I know there is now standard size for 18650 batteries (right?) but at leats I´d expect them to fit int the chargers. They are about 69mm long.
I had the WF-139 first and the 18650s did not fit so I ordered another very cheap charger just to see if it could handle the batteries. But now way, they won´t fit.

Is there any cheap charger that can handle these long batteries?


I need another 1 or 2 18650 batteries + charger (that fits!). Any recommendations from fasttech? The cheaper the better. It´s for my brother who won´t use them 24/7.

How about the "Miller" ML-102 (or other ML-10X models) at FastTech? Cheap, well regarded and compact. They do require a USB cable and USB A/C adapter - both available at FastTech. I use the Apple small square "clones" that are cheap. I have two ML-102's and all my batteries fit.


Little off topic, according to Wikipedia, official designation of protected 18650’s should be 19670:

I wonder whether we should expect from some cheapo charger manufacturers to add to their product info that their chargers wont accept 19670(protected 18650) :D?

That is not even correct, all protected batteries does not have the same size.

Xtar did at one time use 18700 for their protected batteries, but have dropped it again on their latest batteries.

Yeah, Ive seen people reporting different sizes for different protected batteries, I thought I post that it has been somehow aknowledged by Wiki and that perhaps we should take those cheap charger descriptions with a grain of salt :D!

You can always check my website for battery sizes and for what battery sizes the different chargers can take.