18650 Battery Mod to my Baofeng GT3


Been wanting to do this for a while …
Very unhappy with the performance of the AA battery case .

  1. The slightest bump and there are AA’s all over the floor …
  2. For some reason one AA gets hammered while the others do it easy . Often I find one AA at 0.9 or 0.8 volts while the other batteries are still 1.25v or something . So the stock carrier just hammers one of the cells in the pack .

So for a while now ( long time ) I have wanted to do a 18650 mod , and the time arrived this morning …
The AA case was already modified to fit the GT3 , so only needed tweaking to take a 18650 carrier …

a) Cut and gut the AA case to fit the 18650 carrier
b) once you have the fit you want , solder the + and -
c) hot glue the wires and the carrier to the case
d) I pretty much glued mine shut , but not insanely so , just in case I ever need to open it up .

And there you have it , your Tx is now running on 18650 batteries …
If your handy with hand tools , motor tools and soldering … Then this mod is bush league .
The + is that 18650 should power the Tx with the greatest of ease , and if you already use 18650 in flashlights then you have a ready to go source of power .
And you can stuff nice 18650 in there , like maybe 3500mAh ( real 3500mAh )
As well if you wanted , perhaps add a balance harness (?) if you wanted and a charge port … ( Why not )

nice mods for the battery carrier, i was planned to mod 6xAA battery carrier so it can use 14500 battery but the project is still on hold.

nice mod!
I bought a few battery carriers and was disappointed with the overall build quality. The ones I bought were from ebay and Aliexpress but they look exactly the same. One of them falls out of my HT on a regular basis, the other one has broken battery tabs and rattles.

Need to improve them and your mod is a good inspiration.

I have another AA case for the UV5R …
I might mod that one as well to 18650 … Might also add a charger port and balance harness for charging VIA a hobby charger ( There are chargers that charge VIA the balance plug )

Nice improvement :THUMBS-UP:



Another reason to simply DIY

Nice. I have a couple UV5Rs and 18650 compatibility would be great. I haven’t looked at this possibility very closely, but it doesn’t seem like there would be room in the UV5R pack. Is the AA version bigger and able to fit 18650s? Thanks.

AA battery carrier is larger than the standard extended Baofeng battery ( claimed 3800mAh )
But is designed for AA 14mm ( My AA go 14.3mm )
My 18650 go about 18.3mm ( Diameter ) …

There is no extra 4mm , hence I just dropped a 18650 carrier in there and soldered it to the contacts in the AA case …
At least I can remove the 18650 with relative ease …

I ordered a GT3Tp last night ( This will be the second GT3Tp ordered , not sure what happened with the first one , never got here and I got a refund )
This might be the last Baofeng I buy ( GT3Tp ) , I like my GT3 , especially when it has a good antenna …
But my next one needs to have the ability to program Rx and Tx separately …

I had to check !
There is such an animal as the 14650 …
Apparently there is even a 16650 (?)
A 17650 … 17670

I’m going to do something similar except I’ll use 4 x 14500 batteries, there will then be space to fit a USB charging port which will be connected to a 5v to 9 volt converter board, then connected to a BMS charge board. (components less than $4.)

for God's sake Could someone Contact a Supplier on Alibaba to make this Holder for us :LOVE:


wow, coolest battery mod on Baofengs. I am blown away by this.
Could someone who speaks Russian potentially ask the channel owner where he got it from?

Thanks for sharing, thulfiqar

You are welcome Brother

I commented on his Channel and he said I used a 2$ AAA battery Holder for the UV-5R,

Excellent mod, I hope we make a group buy of this product on Alibaba (UV-82 & UV-5R) doable :slight_smile:

Someone with a 3D printer, a little bit of time and a basic set of electronic parts could also pull this off.

Disappointing the lead weights added to the cheapie aftermarket batteries. Wow

I wish I understood this. I see it happen so often with multiple alkalines and with multiple NiMH cells, that one seems to be self-sacrificing.