18650 charging???

Ok so i ordered 8 18650 5000mah batteries for my new flashlight.
I have a rc car battery charger at home that does nimh nicd lipo and life batteries. From 1cell to 3cell lipo or life.
Will this charger work for these batteries?
I can change the charge rate from 0.10ah-7ah
I also have a battery holder with charging tabs i can use to charge them with the charger.
Or will i need to buy another charger for it?
The charger i have is a duratrax oynx 230.
If anyone knows please shed some light. Thanks

Use the charger in LiPo setting at 0.5A and do one battery at a time.

Do not expect more than 1000mAh from each battery.

If each battery is 5000mah then why would i get 5000mah out of them?

Because they are not 5000mAh, that is just a fake specification to lure unsuspecting people to buy them.

I ordered them from a different user. But if they dont take 4700mah or more ill get my money back from them.
Im not paying for pos 1000 batteries.
Thanks for the heads up

where would be a good place to get to high Mah battery

The highest capacity on the market is from Panasonic and is 3400mAh, they can be difficult to find at the current time.

For dealers, try checking my reviews, I do always list where I got the battery from.

You can find my reviews in the battery section here on BLF with comments or on my website.

I foind those panasonics at 8.50$ a piece if these blues come.and are trash ill get my money refunded asap

I'm a big fan of the LG D1.

Cant find anyone who has the lg 18650 d1.
Not even a set price.
Links on best batteries?

They will probably be trash, and judging by the way you called them ‘blues’ that just confirms that they’re trash even more (probably ultrafire or something). At dx.com, you can get 2x 2400mAh 18650s for under $10, and these are actually 2400mAh.

UltraFire WF-1200L CREE 5x Q5 LED Aluminum Flashlight

Thats the light i bought.
So i need 3- 18650 batteries and would like some good and long lasting ones.
The panasonic green with black tops or the lg d1.
Anyone have any experince with this light?

Are you sure those 18650 batteries rated for 5000mAH :stuck_out_tongue:

As HKJ said, they are 1000mAH or lower. you’re lucky if you get over 1000mAH


You can check out HKJs tests to find the best batteries. If you want protected cells for single cell lights, I suggest these:


Well thats why i already wrote the seller telling them if they dont meet the mah as post that ill open a claim and get my money back.
I want quality and mah.
I have the money thats not an issue

what’s the difference between protected and unprotected cells

Protected batteries feature a PCB, a protection circuit. It prevents the battery from overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent (short circiut for example).

Unprotected cells are for advanced users.

But the kind of cells that work best for you depends on the flashlight. Most single cell flashlights work best with the 2600mAh Sanyo cell. Multi cell lights usually profit from cells with higher capacity.

Thanks. Ive run my rc cars with lipo batteries for years but they have lipo cutoff protection.
I know each cell cant drop below 3.0v. And max is 4.2v