18650 compact edc similar to LD30 or Warrior Mini II

Hello BLF,

I have been a lurker here for a while, but my current struggle to find the light I am looking for has led me to finally create a profile and ask for the surpassing wisdom of the internet…

Looking for an EDC light similar to the Fenix LD30 or Olight Warrior Mini II

18650 (have a bunch already)
at least as small as those two lights
1000+ lumens
Around 180-200m throw or more

MAIN difference is I would love a tail clicky that ALSO cycles through the modes with the tail switch, but cannot seem to find that. The LD30 is almost perfect but I HATE switching between two buttons. I will resolve to a side switch if absolutely necessary but want to see what is out there. Warrior is so close to perfect also, but don’t want to need a proprietary battery when I have all these 18650s laying around.

Would love suggestions in that form factor, even if not perfect, trying to see what my options are!

Also, dig the two way pocket clip vibes, or at least directional to clip to a hat

Sofirn SC32.

Nailed it!! Thanks, anyone else have suggestions? Wanting to see what options are out there

Make yourself at home, Nicholasthefirst!

I don't have any specific recommendations, but if you're looking for something low budget and great quality, I'd start with Convoy, Sofirn, and Wurkkos.

They each have their own official store on AliExpress, and that's a great place to look.

If you want, I'll share the three links as I have them bookmarked.

some cool stuff for sure, thanks! keep them comin!

Curious about Sofirn SC32. It does looks pretty rich in feature, but price is twice of Convoy S2+. How does the two compare? Is the SC32 worth twice the price? I read that the SC32 tint is greenish, but the Convoy with SST20 is advertized to have CRI 95.

I like my FW1A. Some easy switch mods may be needed.

I’ve just got a Sofirn SC32 (sst40) I don’t find the colour too bad.

Yeah it’s not too terrible. I would prefer a different tint but, it’s got a lot to offer for what it is.

I have the Manker MC01 that I find myself using quite a bit as well. Horrible having the button placement right next to the charging port, with the cover being the same size and feel of the mode switch but, it carries well and has better tint than the SC32. Doesn’t get as bright though.

How about the UI? How does that compare to Anduril? I wonder if it’s worth to wait till the come up with a SC32 pro version with a better tint and Anduril?