18650 giveaway (WINNERS POSTED)

Hey guys I have few 18650 batterys from some power packs and I'll never use this many so I'll be doing 2 GB (4) batterys per GB,just post if u would like a chance to win I'll draw the winner using randomorg.com

You guys can enter twice for both drawings and I'll let this go till Monday sometime

22 and 44 are the winners

US only because I'm not sure if I can send battery's over seas ?

Here's your pic, nitro:

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Thanks for posting the pic,but Yea I tried everything even asked the admin but it still will not let me lol

Speaking of the devil. Just this morning tried to open a pack bought some time ago. To my horror, there is no opening to stick in a cutter or screw driver when a label was pulled off. Will come in handy just in time.

Appreciate tips on how to unpack ASUS:

PN: 90-NXZ1B3000Y

I’m in, thanks!

#7 In! Thanks for the chance Nitro !

Count me in! Thanks!

Count me in!

I’m in

I’m in!


Thx! :beer:

Count me in!

im in.thanks for the chance


US only?


I wanna win something , sometime !—-I am In !

I’d be in just to see how these packs are manufactured. Plenty of people that wouldn’t mind some pulled cells for their hobbies that I can share with.