18650 Shrink-wrap US

I’ve lost myself again. I recall some US store offering shrinkwrap as part of their store, but with a note linking to someone else who sold 18650 pre-cut shrinkwrap in smaller quantities. That seller is who I’m looking for.

I just need a few pieces for repairs on the quick, hence US only.


Richard sells it

So does illumn.com. Comes in 10-packs only, I think, but its cheap.

The order came quickly and they are the perfect length. I ordered 20 clear and I can use a label tape printer to put important data stuck to the outside and it holds great.

It was “Battwrap” from Illum supply. If my memory gets any worse I’ll forget to check the PO box- hopefully it will hold up that long!

Thanks for all the help, order placed and my nephew’s vaping cells will be saved!


FYI, shipping is cheaper by ordering direct.

battwrap.com @ $1.00

illumn.com @ $2.79

Battwrap shipping was $1, plus $1 for 10 pcs precut wrap total of $2. No complaints, cheap enough for me. Needed PDQ more than anything else and that should happen- estimates 5-7 days in a letter-envelope which might get here in half that time.

Couldn’t wait on the slow boat from China this time; don’t want my nephew to smoke his vaper, only the liquid he puts in it. Just a corner nick from a dropped cell but since he didn’t know whether the body was a current path or insulated I told him I’d get us both some just to be safe cause I drop things too.