18650 Sized EDC With Illuminated Side Switch

Hi. Are there any 18650 sized ECD flashlights that are Sofirn SC31 size ish.

Need it so it remains on when main LED is off like the Astrolux S43.

EDITED:I meant switch LED remains on not off.

The SC31 has that “breather” function. Need something else?

Yes. I have the Sc31.

If it had an always on location light it would be ideal.

I dont own a SP31 but I bet you could open it up and jumper power and/or ground to the existing LED to have it on all the time. Should be a pretty simple task.

Wellp, it “breathes”, so I’m wondering why that doesn’t fit the bill.

Just want something constant vs “breathing”? Hate having to constantly turn on the function? What?

If you want an always on, constant and not breathing sideswitch, there’s always the Q8.

It’s an 18650 light… just that it takes 4 of ’em.

I have a BLF Q8.

Plus a hole lot more, too many some would say. I want my S43 switch in a SC31.

Wellp, the S43 has both short and long tubes for an 18350 and 18650… only got the short one?

Hmm S43 even with 18350 tube is fat in my pocket. Got an S43 as well that's a bit heavy. Breathing constantly on or even constant on would do. Don't really want to start pulling them apart.

Wellp, MH20, half-press when off to get a “beacon” on the sideclicky. Barely bigger’n the 18650 that’s inside it. Even smaller’n a SC31.