18650 storage boxes 4pcs for $1.10

On ebay: storage boxes that hold 2pcs of 18650 or 4pcs CR123A

4boxes for only 1.10$

thats including shipping...

Thanks again ChiBim. Just in time for my needs. Ordered 2 sets

Thanks for the heads up. Have ordered a couple of sets.

Thanks again, got it pretty cheap :)

ordered couple, thanks again

you are good on finding good deals

Almost seems too good! Either way, I ordered a set also. Seller seems reputable.

On that note, those Protected UF 3000 (red) they are selling, are pretty much garbage right?

If not, that's a pretty damned good price... about $2.50/pc

This is the seller that was selling the poor quality fake Trustfire flames some time ago.

I'm sure there's not much that can go wrong with a battery box though.

Famous last words.........

Your really good @ finding deals! Thanks

Protected UF 3000 (red) has a horrible reputation for performance and safety.

They could just send you 1 box That holds 4 pcs of 16340 batteries.

Has anyone emailed the seller to ask if 4 boxes are sent that can hold 16 16340 batteries?

No, I didn't email the seller, but I looked at his other auctions. He also offers 3 pcs for 99 cents which states it holds 2) 18650 or 4) CR123A. Besides the title reads

"4 Plastic UltraFire Case Holder Storage Box for 18650 CR123A Battery" 1.20

"3 Plastic UltraFire Case Holder Storage Box for 18650 CR123A Battery" .99

I actually bought another set, along with this gadget - hopefully I can make a decent battery voltage meter box.

those volt meters are neat for their price!

Im trying out a more expensive volt-meter (in the mail atm) to see if it can save some time waiting for the display.

I knew the name sounded familiar. Good catch! I guess they are doing this to pad their feedback. Oh well, I won't be buying any batteries from them but this looks like a good deal.

Thanks for that. There were two sets of four left, and I got one. Amazing deal shipped. They making money on those 4 @ $1.10USD? Nuts.

I got these 2 weeks ago and would love to share:

4 X Plastic Case Holder Storage AA/ AAA Battery Box

that's 16 AAA/AA storage for less than $1:


Dang i just bought a bunch of the AA AAA versions from americanXXX..


I would have bought the ones that TIM ^ is recommending instead ...I trust another blf member more than this guy ..

EDIT : ...I bought both :).. bought the 3 for .99 18650 cases ....and the AA/AAA's

thanks for the heads up smally

4 for 1.10 are sold out, 3 for .99 from the same seller

paid on 17 nov

shipped on 17 nov

prety fast, me too remember that guy, but he gave me full refund for those crappy TF batteries, so not so bad seller, lets see...

I ordered trustfire flames from DX and they arrived in these battery boxes, is this standard for flames?