18650 to 2D sleeve?


Is there a 18650 to 2D sleeve?

a rolled piece of Paper is :wink:

I used that in my 3*P7 4D MagLite and it works well.

I use tape. Its just a pain if you need to take it of.

corrugated cardboard is my spacer material of choice.

I think he wants 1x 18650 in place of 2x D cells in series.
So, not only added width, but also some 5 cm added length.

Bingo. 2D too heavy and I am putting the light in my car. Don’t trust alkie.

Sounds like a job for 3D printing

Or selfbuild from two pennies, a wire and spacer of the material you like most

I made one using plumbing PVC pipe to house the 18650 and coupling junctions. IIRC it was an ROP incan build that I sold off eons (almost a decade) ago.