18650 usb rechargable recommendation for elderly mother

The NEBO is the closest to that.

Always happy to help! The Nebo was 2nd on my list. And a good first choice if the X2R doesn’t fit the bill. The Nebo did get a lot of good reviews too, and an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5. Another feature I liked is it’s a zooming light.

Good luck with it and please return here and post some feedback after you try it out!

Tell you what. I have a 18650 zoomie over here that I really have no need for. It has a mini usb charging port. Twisting the head reveals the port as well as works the zoom feature. Very easy to rotate, you can even rotate it with your thumb while holding the light it’s that smooth. Easy operation. Click for high, click for low, click for off. That’s it. High is about 600 lumen or so maybe a bit brighter, low is probably in the 250 range. It will light up my half acre side lot on high and the zoom will spot trees out to 150 to 200 yards easy. If you think your mother would be able to use it let me know. I’ll throw it in the mail for you. If you need a battery I can throw one of those in too. I have a soft spot in my heart for moms.

It also has a hole in the tail cap for a lanyard, let me know if you might need one of those too, I got more than a few laying around I don’t need or use. I can throw that in as well.

What is that . Looks interesting .

It’s made by Promier. I had another one of their lights that went up in smoke on me. They were nice enough to send me that one and a Amazon gift card for twice the price that I paid for the original light. They claim it to be 900 lumens which might be close but I am thinking closer to somewhere between 600 and 700. Plenty of cool white light to light up a large area and provide a pretty nice spot. Super simple to operate, high, low, off. No crazy blinky modes or any weird button presses. I can get some beam shots tonight if you like. I have my fair share of zoomies and this one gets neglected by non use.

Got a link?


Not endorsing or trying to sell the product in anyway. Just giving some info on it. Can’t find anything about the actual pill that is in it. I’ll take it apart this evening and take a peak.


Totally agree. I gave it to my mother in law and she never remember the way to charge it. It should be like a cell phone: plug it… and nothing else