[1900k edition is in!] WTS: 1900k-5800k 5mm LED 95+ CRI

I decided to make a light module out of 28 LEDs in parallel. Hooked it up to a lab bench. Without constant current regulation, any initial current above 840ma (30ma per LEDs) will result in a (very gradual) thermal runaway where the module start to pull more and more current and heat up more until it would presumably burn out. On the first try, I initially set the current at 1.4A, and it rose up to almost 1.6A within 10 minutes.

Granted, these LEDs are packed fairly tightly together and thus complicating the thermal problem. I'd say, if you want to run this LED on a long term, you shouldn't be running this at 35ma (per LED) or more without airflow.

With 840ma starting current, the final current stabilized at 900ma.

Received mine in Spain last weekend, thanks rngwn

Got my package last week in Croatia!

What are the chances to get 5600K hi cri?

^Coming later in the day today.


Uhh, there are chances that it might slip into tomorrow. Looks like the shipping service has shat the bed and hasn’t called me of the pending delivery and tax yet.

Has anyone measured the diameter? It wasn’t easy to get the LED into the Fenix (fortunately, the E01 has a rubber sealing), and at all refused to fit the Metaminco Bullet. Must be slightly bigger than 5 mm.

I measured it with a digital caliper. The caliper reads exactly 5mm, though it’s not perfectly accurate so it might actually be 5.1mm.

The other reason can be that the stock LEDs are actually 4.8mm. The “5mm” LED family includes both 5mm and 4.8mm (usually the straw hats).

Ah, ok. Since it’s copper, I should be able to work the opening a little wider.

Ah, looks like the logistics has really shat the bed.

The mail man never arrived today :frowning:

Let the fun begin!

The "5800k" (5500k?) has landed. You decide for yourself if it's actually 5500k or 5800k. (all pics are taken at 5500k)

Looks nice, would definitely like an order of those!

Nice smooth beam, but there will be people who dislike the slightly greenish edge. Is this a real thing or does it just show up in the pictures?

The greenish edge is quite real, but should be slightly less visible in real life.

What I see also differs from screen to screen. I noticed that the greenish edge is exaggerated when viewed on the phone instead of on the monitor.

seeing the cheap 5mm leds i see in the typical 9 led lights it seems you are correct.
joke is those are henry ford leds.
they can render any color as long as its blue!
it becomes clear just how bad they are when you take 2 harbor freight 9 leds and rplace the leds in 1 with high cri types.
i have a demo pair here to show that.
the ebay high cri make a much larger spot that covered up the stock one like its turned off.

… and here comes another mod with this great LED

Shipping update:

id30209 – RR278675085TH (1× 5500k)
kame sennin – RR278675071TH (1× 5500k/1× 3400k)
Nismo – RR278675068TH (1× 3400k)
denkiman808 - LX104000012TH (1 x 5500k/ 1 x 3400k)
ludolf - RO247700195TH (1x 3400k)
LowLumens - RR252867131TH (2x 3400k)
AguassissiM - LX104000030TH (1x 5500k/ 1x 3400k)
DavidEF - LX104000043TH (1x 5500k/ 1x 3400k)
tomas_f - RO247700235TH (1x 5500k/ 1x 3400k)
Unheard – RO247700258TH (1× 5500k)

Samples also sent to Djozz in exchange for original Yujis.

Thanks rngwn, received the LEDs in the Netherlands.
Really happy with them :slight_smile:

It is just the cree edition 5mm

^ is that a good or bad thing?